Spring Break!

Tuesday’s classes are our last before we go on hiatus. I know, I know. You’ll miss us. We’ll miss you too. But don’t fret – we’ll only be gone for a month. And we promise to write every week, to post new classes and to let you know the news. And we’ll be back in May, bigger and better than ever! Or at least, more organised.

So that means the last classes for a while are tomorrow – Fair Trade and Cryptic Crosswords. It’s your chance to see us off and admit your feelings before we board that metaphorical plane. And who hasn’t wanted to race to the airport (or the Little Mule) to tell someone you love them. Either way, we’ll see you tomorrow for an affectionate seeing off. But remember, this ain’t goodbye – it’s see you later.

So see you all tomorrow for some fun, some learning, and some awkward affection!