A Progress Report

Hi All! We’ve been a little quiet on the interwebs and social media lately – apologies! But trust us, it hasn’t all been this quiet behind the scenes. We’ve all been working hard to get a good mix of interesting, fun and interactive classes locked in for you – ranging from crafty, to science-y, to arty to food and drink-y, to any other word with a -y added to the end of it.

What all classes will have in common is that they will be amazing. And that’s a promise.

We’ve added a new class for this week, and it’s all about jewellery. You’ll learn basic design principles, experience the creative process, and you’ll end up with a silver ring that you’ve designed, created and lovingly hand crafted all by your clever little selves. What more could you ask for?

Well.. what about –  a class that includes numerous samples of tasty hot tea, including Buddha’s Tears and Macha? And what about.. a class that will teach you to incorporate green design, simply and easily in your backyard? How about a lesson in tarot cards, Hong Kong cinema, and rollercoasters? “Rollercoasters?!” you ask. I’m not even kidding.

And if you have any questions, comments, queries, remarks, appreciations, criticisms or anything to say at ALL then get in contact – we’d love to hear it.

The featured image above is borrowed and edited, with thanks, from Andi Gentsch under a Creative Commons License.