Laneway Learners Return!

Last night was a huge success!! Thanks for all who came along – we had two sold out classes and even had people on the waiting list.

The break we took must have done us some good – we were published in Three Thousand, the local Leader newspaper and we spread the word ourselves; postering as many spare wooden poles as we could find.

We’ve also got some new classes up  – Low Impact Living and Homebrewing, on Wednesday the 30th of May. Good for any of those who can’t come on a Tuesday! And make sure you get in quick for next week – the second Jewellery Class is sold out, but there are still a few spots for Infinity and Beyond.

Anyway, last night was a lot of fun, and went off without a hiccup. Except for the part where Tom slipped in a puddle of tea and nearly went flying.

Kim swept us away in a myriad of tea tastings – Dong Ding Oolong, Buddha’s Tears, ‘Teagria’ and Pu-erh to name a few. With twelve teas in total to taste, taste buds were tantalised, tongues tingled and tested, and tea tips were taught! (alliteration is fun).

We were taught about the most expensive tea, at $200 a cup (it’s fertilised with panda poo), and that high tea isn’t necessarily what we think it is. Chai was the majority favourite tea by a mile, but unless you came along you’ll never know the recipe! It also turns out that Tai Ping Monkey King, Green Snail Spring and Tea of the Iron Goddess of Mercy are all legitimate names of tea. Who’d have thought. And with so many strange facts, no wonder tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world.

Here’s an interesting (and funny) look at the world of tea from across the sea.

The next sold out class was Jewellery – Make your Own Ring. Fiona taught us the ‘lost wax’ process, as simple as rolling a piece of brown wax into a ring shape, and fusing whatever you can think of  onto said ‘ring’ in pink wax. The only tools you need are wax, hot water, tealight candles, a cutting implement and hands. Ideas are also helpful. All done while sipping on leftover teagria. What a life.

The process was oh so (surprisingly) easy! The rings will be cast independently and next week the punters will be getting their silver rings back to polish into their final form.

Kim is making a teapot ring (of course) – so make sure you tune in next week to see how it turns out.

Thanks to everyone who came along! We hope you enjoyed it. For those who didn’t come, we hope to see you soon.