Week 5 – Infinity and Jewellery

What IS infinity?

A little 8 on it’s side? Something we can get close to but never touch? Something that might not even exist?!

Infinity can confound and confuse – thankfully Tom was there to answer all of our questions! And he did so with patience, chalk, and a jaunty hat (for a bit). It turns out that there is more than one type of infinity(!) and Achilles will never beat a tortoise in a foot race.

And, did you know if a hotel with an infinite number of rooms is ‘full’ with an infinite number of people, and another person shows up.. there is always room for that person? 1 + infinity = …infinity. I hope this is blowing your mind and making your head feel fuzzy because it SHOULD.

One more thing before you self-combust in disbelief. The Infinite Monkey Theorem states that if a bunch of monkeys type at random for an infinite amount of time, they will surely produce the complete works of Shakespeare. Just like this: http://bit.ly/hmwnXY

Infinity is definitely the kind of topic you need a class for. It was – difficult + interesting + fun x a googolplex!

The next class was Jewellery, and everybody got their rings back. It was amazing to see how something made simply from wax and imagination could turn into something so tangible, unique and shiny! There were cute little hearts, big abstract rings, a tiny house and a teapot.

We used different sized files to shave off the sharp parts, and big imperfections of silver; then scourers (usually used for washing dishes), and fine grade sandpaper to smooth down the silver. The photos speak for themselves! Everyone was happy with what they’d made, and I’m sure are proud to wear them around. It’s a new feeling to make something (that seems) so difficult with your own two hands and in two easy classes!

All thanks to Noni, who soon will be travelling to the US to hopefully make contact with our friends at the Brooklyn Brainery. Bon voyage!

In other news, majority of our remaining classes are sold out or are nearly full – get in quick if you want to learn something new for the month of May! If you are eagerly awaiting our new classes, do not fret; we have lined up some interesting ones and will get them up asap. Ever wanted to learn how to play a ukulele? What about some yo-yo tricks? We’ve got plenty of fun up our sleeves. Keep your eyes open for new posts, or subscribe to our newsletter to hear when we put up new classes!

See you next time at The Little Mule.

2 thoughts on “Week 5 – Infinity and Jewellery”

  1. I’m so sad that I’ve only just found out about these classes and missed out on the ring making 🙁 Will this run again?

    1. Hi Michelle, unfortunately the teacher for the Jewellery class is headed to the US soon! So it is unlikely we will run this again. We’re sorry you missed out, but stay tuned for other crafty classes 🙂

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