We Are Turning Two!

On March 20th, 2012 we had our first ever classes: Cryptic Crosswords and the Chemistry of Life. It’s almost 2 years later now, and we’ve had hundreds more classes on all sorts of weird and wonderful topics, including…

Asteroids, Braiding, Chainmail, Dark Matter, Emotions, Fondant, Genealogy, Homebrewing, Internet, Juggling, Knooking, Lovecraft, Mezcal, Neuroplasticity, Origami, Poker, Qi Gong, Rollercoasters, Songwriting, Time Machines, Ukuleles, Vegetables, Worms, X-mas Cards, Yo-Yos and Zombies.

None of this would have been possible without our fantastic teachers and our awesome attendees! So as our 2 year anniversary approaches, we would like to celebrate with you by having a fun little competition. It’s pretty straightforward:

  • Tell us which class was your favourite and why, by posting a comment below.
  • If you prefer, you can comment on our anniversary post on Facebook instead.
  • We will pick the three answers we think are best. Be creative, be funny, be poetic, be musical, be candid and be different! You have until Friday 21st March.
  • The winner will win a $100 voucher to use on any of our classes.
  • The two runner-ups get bouquets and sashes … not really! 😛 They each get a $25 voucher

Let’s get started!


20 thoughts on “We Are Turning Two!”

  1. I think my favourite class was cryptic crosswords. I have never felt smarter coming out of any class than that one. Also I think this makes me a better candidate for potential lovers by being able to wow them with my knowledge of The Age crosswords.

  2. My favourite class was Lucha Libre because it was funny and interesting. We laughed a lot and even got to try out our own lucha libre alter egos.

  3. My favourite class was the Perfume: Fragrance Masterclass. As per Fran’s comments this makes ME a better candidate for potential loveres by being able to wow them with my smell.

  4. The Kokedama class was probably one of my favourite classes because it was a very hands on class and my Kokedama is still holding on to what little life it has left, despite my obvious neglect. I will save you my Japanese friend!! Domo Arigato Mr Kokedama!

  5. My favourite class was also my first: a 3D printing workshop. It was pretty cool to see the printers in action, and getting to see a fellow student scanned in and a little bust printed of of them in the one session was really cool.

  6. Alana Jessica Ward

    My favourite class would definitely have to be juggling,
    Despite the fact I spent most of it struggling.
    The ball went up high,
    And then smacked me right in the eye,
    But still I walked away a very happy little duckling 🙂

  7. They have all been my favourites as they give my a perfect place to catch up with my young adult children.. Finding new interests to share..keep up the good work!

  8. Kitchen Cosmology – I learnt so much that I went back with a different group of friends and I almost signed up for a third time. I learnt so much, with a great perspective, in easy to use language with someone who was so passionate about it, but still able to remove him self from his in-depth knowledge, so that he could teach us in a way that was so understandable, interesting and memorable.

    I still talk about this class and the facts I have learnt more regularly then I thought I would have and it has given me a whole new perspective on what I see in the sky at night, and the distance and depth involved!

  9. My favourite class would have to be the Balloon Animals 101. Not just because they are balloon animals, which I think is awesome all by itself, but because after 1 hour of getting shown how to make a dog, a parrot, a flower and a cat (which I still stipulate looks like a mouse) I feel I’ve found a calling. Haha.

    Now I spend too much money on balloons, make random balloon animals for friends and family (kids totally love me now) and I seem to drop “I make balloon animals” into conversations. I’ve even done a few gigs and have been paid real money!

    I’ve now done a juggling course (which I’ll admit I suck at) and am waiting for something else in the theme, eventually I will run away and join the circus. 🙂

  10. Remember that time when we collaboratively drew something? I don’t cause I wasn’t able to go, I would have loved it though 🙂

  11. My Favourite Class was Learning Uke via Bob Dylan – I loved it so much I did it twice. Its now lead me to performing as part of the Melbourne Ukelele Kollective. Who’d of thunk it ?!

  12. The Urban Happiness workshop got me to thinking – what makes us happy, why is it so hard, and how can we connect in a world that’s becoming increasingly disconnected. I WILL be happy dammit!!

  13. Definitely Terrariumarama. Cool name, super-fun and hosted by the fabulously named Candy Sparkles. Every day I look at the product of that class, which makes me happy.

  14. The Most Beautiful Equation class was a fascinating romp through some of the most culturally significant mathematical moments in history. Intensely interesting, fast-paced and quirky, laneway learning classes provide delicious moments of discovery and great conversations long after the class is done.

  15. Well, there was really no better way to learn about tapas than at the Spanish Tapas session! I was expecting a few nibbles and some basic recipes but I ended up going home with a tummy full of Spanish deliciousness (sangria anyone?)and lots of plans to hold a tapas night at home. Maria is a fantastic presenter – not only did I get a better understanding of tapas but it was also a great insight into Spanish culture. Who would’ve known ham made people so happy?!

  16. The streetwise tile coaster class has been a class that just keeps on giving. By investing less than $20 in learning this new skill, I was able to go on to teach 70 two year olds also how to make them at my kindergarten. We made trivets to give all their mummies and daddies for Christmas. How cool is that?

    I also made my own coasters at home to give everybody I know for Christmas. Remembering the handy hints the girls had told us about adding character. Meant that everybody had something special under the Christmas tree.

    Thank you laneway learning for making learning fun!

  17. My favourite class is that one that I never had…because I just found this amazing place some days ago when,looking for a bike shop, google maps brought me to you. This mistake that google had (or me 😉 ) will give me the chance to have my favourite class..that one that I will have for sure really soon.

  18. Nov 2012 – Christmas cards
    It was my first ever class, my friend took me for my birthday because I am a Christmas junkie. We also did Christmas Carols class that night! It was awesome – because it introduced me to Laneway learning, it was creative and christmas all in one, and because it was a really cool class (my Cards were fabulous, my family loved them). And above all – it was everything Laneway learning is about – friends, fun and furthering your knowledge.

  19. and a second entry – Palate training at the People’s market.
    It was such a cool date night with my husband. He was running a cafe and didn’t drink wine (not a great combo when you need to recommend a wine off your list!)
    The night was a fabulous way to introduce him to types of wine and that they weren’t all bad. (Now he drinks wine, knows what he likes and why he does/doesn’t like different types). All thanks to the fabulous Clare from Humble Tumbler.
    And that was his intro to laneway learning!

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