Land Ho, Captain Melville!

Ahoy! We be addin’ yet another venue! Weigh anchor, batten down the hatches, and set sail for Cap’n Melville. And that, ye scurvy dogs, be more than enough pirate talk for one blog post!

The venue

captainmelville Captain Melville isn’t actually named after a pirate (awww…), it’s named after a bushranger from Victorian legend who had a knack for escaping incarceration.

It’s inside Melbourne’s oldest public house, with beautiful bluestone walls, and a cool modern interior. And now you’ll find Laneway Learning inside as well. Find us there on Wednesday nights.

The classes

Let’s get down to business landlubbers (sorry, I promise that’s the last one). Pirates loved rum, but we’re opening with Mother’s Ruin: A Guide to Australian Gin. The week after that, throw down your cutlass and end your swashbuckling with Chess: How to Beat Friends and Checkmate People.

So what are you waiting for? Take a break from hoisting the mizzenmast and swabbing the deck, and get ye’self along to one of our classes!

The featured image of the ship is borrowed and edited with thanks from Don Dearing on a Creative Commons Licence.