It’s Melbourne Shuffle Time

What is iconic to Melbourne for you? Coffee? Footy? Graffiti? What about rave music and the Melbourne Shuffle?

On November 14th we’re teaming up with the City of Melbourne to bring the Shuffle back. Docklands is going to be transported back to the 90s with exhibitions and events centred around the underground culture of raves and dance, and you can be apart of it! Come along to one of our free Melbourne Shuffle classes and then dance in front of a green screen to be projected into a 90s rave video. Don’t forget to bring your glow sticks!

Get a taster from this video, taken in one of our Shuffle classes from a few months back.

[youtube height=”480″ width=”853″][/youtube]

[Video audio: Rave music and a few shouted instructions.]

The featured image is borrowed and edited, with thanks, from Rodrigo Della Fávera under a Creative Commons licence.