Laneway Learning at the Orchestra: Baroque Music

The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra’s free concerts are starting this week and well worth attending. But sometimes classical music can seem a little… overwhelming. There are so many different styles of music that sit under the very broad category of ‘classical’, and there can be so many instruments!

Conductor Sascha Kelly and violinist Justina Lui joined forces to demystify all aspects of classical music: from concert hall rituals, the instruments in the orchestra, all those dead composers and of course the actual music.

Supported by their group of talented musicians we were in for a real treat; where else can you see a live classical music quintet and learn about classical music all for $14?!

We started with baroque music. Make sure you watch through for the tempo change just after 2 minutes!

[Video audio: Baroque music played by a quintet, followed by applause.]

Or, if solo cello is more your thing…

[Video audio: Baroque music played by a solo cello.]



The featured image is borrowed and edited, with thanks, from Carlo Alberto Cazzuffi under a Creative Commons licence.