Thank You, Volunteer Class Hosts!

It’s National Volunteer Week this week in Australia and we wanted to thank our awesome team of volunteers this week and every day of the year: we are so grateful! Thank you for contributing with your work, passion and commitment to our community!

So who are our volunteers you might be thinking? When you attend a class in person (or lately on zoom) our lovely class hosts are there to help you out. They pass the attendance, help the teachers set up, take photos for our social media and make sure the experience is great for attendees and teachers alike. They are the friendly face you see at the door as you come in or the one handing you the scissors for that collage…

Through our class host program we have met some lovely people from all ages and walks of life and we are always amazed of their passion for learning, community and growth. You might want one of these class hosts at your next Trivia team because they have knowledge after so many classes! We love that they take care of our community with the same love as we do and they are always ready to jump and help.

So to all our class hosts, past and present, physical or online: A BIG THANK YOU from all the LL Team! We are very grateful that you dedicate your spare time to Laneway Learning and continue to help us build a thriving community.

Some of our volunteers are (or have been): Shirleen Asre, Lauren Keam, Holly Cochrane, Sarah Bird, Veronica Ulicni, Skye Bennett, Bree Roberts, Alesha Joy Bellairs, Natalie Bozyk, Kristina Rubii, Georgina Crisp, Aim Nattha Sangboon, Mabel Foong, Jacky Pecotic, Pamela Ferrada, Megan Poad, Olivia Shainin, Mei Du, Kim Jackson, Jenny Ashby, Priscilla Martadjaja, Bimba Chavan, Gabrielle Cunniffe, Lauren Aull, Jacqueline Jones, Nicola Howard, Magda Stremeski, Lou Pellegrino, Camille Lopez, Simone Stockton, Sam Simpson, Clare MacDonald, Brigid Blanckenburg, Georgia Benjamin, Flora Lee, Maree Clark, Raphaela Joly, Alice Ferguson, Aaron Keith, Charlotte Boyle, Francisca Javiera Diaz de Valdes, Maria Isabel Quiceno, Heather Robinson, Joana Inês Abreu Saraiva Antunes, Mohana Ananthanarayan, Silvia Teani, Monica Ruiz, Nikita Gulati, Robin Dunbar, Sheenal Srivastava, Steph Dobson, Deb Court, Arjun Murthy, Fran Timmins, Elke De Kinder, Tabitha Baca, Caitlin Rudorfer, Michelle Archard, Sabine Schluter, Jasmine Chen, Melinda Scott, Roxarnna Coombes, Julie Sultana, Mickey Zhang, Rick-Michael King, Julia Ambler, Ozge Kaptan, Aysha Aktemur, Pranchalee Khajai, Rachel Chiu Lai Hung, Chandni Bumb, Reuben Duffy, Cassie Lu Xu, Kirti Sharma, Tania Abela….


If you want to volunteer yourself with us, find more information here.