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Close your Gap in Mathematical Understanding and Fractions with Pamela (Online)

If a litre of soda costs $3.15 AUD, how much will you pay for a third of a litre? Sounds a bit complicated? If you are one of the 20% of adults who have forgotten how to calculate percentages or fractions, or you never really got them at school, don’t despair!  Now is the perfect …


Close your Gap in Mathematical Understanding and Line Graphs with Pamela

What’s it all about? A recent study from Cambridge University and University College London found “striking weaknesses” in adults’ financial skills across 31 countries. Data suggests that as much as a quarter of adults struggle to read a simple financial line graph. As financial literacy is essential to avoid getting into debt or being mislead …


Coach Yourself with Ingrid

Life sure is a roller coaster ride. Whether you’re having an up or down moment, it’s always inspiring when you have a breakthrough and are motivated by your own fresh perspective. In this class you’ll learn a practical way of coaching yourself. Through a guided, self-reflective journal writing process, you’ll be surprised and delighted as …