Self Care classes


Loving Yourself into Wellbeing with Jossy (Online)

Feelings are a natural part of the landscape of human experience.  Joy, sadness, excitement, anger. These emotions are intimately woven into the stories of our lives.  Some emotions are pleasant and welcome and others and not pleasant nor welcome.  Come and learn about loving yourself and how it can help you and your wellbeing. What …


Morning Self Massage with Ralph (Online)

Wake up your body and mind each morning with a fun 5-minute self-massage. Get the blood flowing, loosen up your muscles and release tension.  We learn a daily routine developed by Ralph over 40 years of practice on himself, clients and teaching others. Based on Japanese Do-In, acupressure, Feldenkrais and western massage. Feeling sluggish in …


Enhance the Pleasure within your Life with Toya (Online)

Want to enhance the pleasure within your life?  That’s a big YES from me! Pleasure is an essential part of our overall health and wellbeing. Research shows that the amount of satisfaction we derive out of anything is dependant on our ability to engineer enjoyment. In this workshop, emerging Sexologist, Toya will take you through the …