A Dabble with Wattle

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Did you know that the golden wattle is the Australian floral emblem? Would you know which one is it in the bush? Whether you know the answer to these questions or not, this class may well be right up your alley!

With wattle season fully in bloom it is a lovely time to get better acquainted with this showy member of the Australian bush.

What will we cover?

We will explore what makes a wattle a wattle, with some fun trivia about them along the way, and we will even learn how to spot one when not in bloom, amazing! We will be checking out some of the most common local wattles using simple and easy-to-use tools. That way, your next walk in the nearby nature will feel more like catching up with old friends rather than a first time meeting with a (dashing) new acquaintance!

Who will be teaching?

Pascale likes wattles! So joyful, pretty and fragrant; what better excuse would you need to go to the bush at this time of the year? Not that she ever needed an excuse! She is an Indigenous Flora and Fauna Association (IFFA) member and has long taught plant skills to conservation students. In this very practical class, she’d like to share with us her love for the local wattles.