How to Become an Astronaut

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

What does it take to get into space and then live there? Find out from an Australian astronaut candidate.

What will we cover?

Astronauts undergo years of training, a gruelling and stressful launch into space, and then weeks in a totally alien environment. Come along to learn about the different pathways to reaching space, how your body and mind will change living 430km up, and where space exploration is headed in the near future. Experience some of the unexpected challenges of becoming an astronaut while keeping your feet firmly on the ground.

Who will be teaching?

joshrichardsJosh Richards is a comedian, former soldier and physicist, and an astronaut candidate to the Mars One project – a mission to land humans permanently on Mars in 2025. He speaks regularly in schools and businesses about space exploration, resilience & leadership; provides mission support to NASA; and is finalising his book “Becoming Martian” on how colonising Mars will change humans in body, mind and spirit.