Bicycle Touring

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Want inspiration, interaction, involvement, and insanely good calves?

Bicycle touring is your answer! There are very few other ways to have such ‘rich’ experiences with people and places than going on a cycling tour. In this class d’Arcy Lunn will share his experiences of cycle touring – not as a cycling expert but as someone who loves to learn and interact with societies, cultures, environment and live life to its fullest as often as possible.

What will we cover?

Over the course of the class, we’ll talk about the following:

  • Preparation – what kind of trip do you want to do? (what do you want out of it?, where do you want to go?, when?, how long for?, what do you need to take with you?)
  • The day-to-day – what’s a bicycle tour actually like? (routine, following the theme/objective, food/water/shelter, interaction and fun/memorable elements)
  • On the spot planning – we’ll all ‘speed date’ our cycling trips, composing a dream trip on the spot and sharing it with others, so that we all have a tangible ready-to-go plan for a bike tour by the time the class finishes

Who will be teaching?

d’Arcy Lunn is a teacher, campaigner and volunteer who enjoys riding a bike – he doesn’t even know if he is a cyclist! In the past 12 years he has been fortunate to travel, teach and volunteer in 58 countries, learning and experiencing along the way. The best of these experiences have usually been on a bike.

He thinks cycle touring gives him the chance to think, reflect, interact and enrich life, and it would be a great pleasure to share some insights and learning with others to see them have the best quality experiences with new places and new people.

He has only ever done cycle touring in developed countries as advocacy tours. The four tours have have done have been in South Australia, Aotearoa in New Zealand, Melbourne to Brisbane and the USA and Canada – the last one was in 2012 where he journeyed 1000 miles in the US and Canada while living on less than $1.50/day, as a part of the Live Below the Line campaign.