Cheeky Clay Decorations with Clare

This class has passed
This class has passed

Air-Dry Clay is a natural earth clay which air-dries to a hard solid without using an oven or kiln. It’s great for decorative items, so why not Xmas decorations!

In this class we’ll be playing with clay to create our own little festive decorative items, but with a bit of a bah-humbug reality check.

You can use it to make all sorts of seasonal flat shapes like stars, trees, love hearts and gingerbread folk, but with a personalised message for festive puns, unfiltered expressions, or something more naughty, less nice.

What will we cover?

We’ll be learning:

  • How to use air-dry clay
  • Tips and tricks for home use
  • Methods for embossing and texturing
  • What to do once our creations have fully dried to make your creations more durable or waterproof at home


  • Wheelchair Accessible Venue
  • Gender Neutral Bathrooms
  • Quiet Spaces
  • Early Bird Cheap Tickets
  • Auslan Interpreted Upon Request 

    Who will be Teaching? 

    Clare (she/her) is all sorts of crafty, and loves a good pun. 

    Being a bit of a grinch about Christmas she finds that a big dose of subversive humour can help bring some cheer. 

    You can follow some of her crafty pursuits on her instagram.

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