Discovering Authentic Japanese Tea

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Learn how to roast Japanese tea at home and then brew the best cup from your pantry!

Do you have green tea at home? Ever brewed a bitter tea? Do you enjoy the delicious taste every time? Do you sometimes compromise taste to be healthy?

You can have a delicious cup of tea with all the health benefits and no added sugar every time you make a brew. Come and learn how, and taste some delicious cups of tea along the way, in this authentic Japanese tea experience.

What we will cover?

In this introductory workshop we are going to learn all about Japanese tea and how you can brew different cups with what is in your pantry.

We will cover:

  • Important tips for brewing Japanese tea.
  • Brewing sencha and tasting.
  • How to change sencha to hojicha on the stove.
  • Brewing and tasting freshly roasted hojicha.

Who will be teaching?

Harumi profile pictureHarumi is a Japanese tea instructor, certified by Nihoncha Instructor Association. She owns an online store called Okei-san, Japanese Tea Plus and hosts Japanese tea workshops and demonstrations. Her passion is to introduce people to authentic and high-quality Japanese tea and to share her experiences in brewing Japanese tea to enhance its flavour and health benefits.