Drawing From Memory

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Contrary to popular belief, drawing isn’t just for artists. And it doesn’t actually matter if what you produce doesn’t look like real life.

This fun, conceptual drawing class will suit beginners or more experienced drawers wanting a class with a twist. It is designed to reduce the fear of mistake making and use drawing as a way to decipher our memories and make new, positive connections. Loosely therapeutic, it will be a great introduction to drawing techniques and how to invest emotion effectively into creative work, no matter how scary that may seem.

What will we cover?

The objective of the class is to explore the way we can use drawing to shape our own memories and communicate with our present selves.

To begin, Audrey will speak a little about her artistic background, and what she tries to achieve with her own work. She’ll play a slideshow that will loop through the class of drawings/artworks that she enjoys and you can ask her about them as we go along.

Then we will jump quickly into the drawing. There will be some fun exercises to loosen us up, each based around symbols and common themes. However, the majority of the class will be spent on one piece. Audrey will be walking around helping you to achieve what you want from your drawing. And she’ll be talking while she goes, about how drawing works next to memory, and how we can create new associations to objects, and new positive memories for ourselves using simple techniques.

There will be a variety of papers and tools present for you to work with. This will be especially useful if you’ve never drawn much and aren’t sure what might feel right for you.

But each participant will also be asked to bring an object of their own along. It should be something that is very special to you. A hint: don’t choose something only because you feel it will be easy to draw – choose something meaningful – you will get a lot more out of the class if you do.

Who will be teaching?

Audrey Kirsty HulmAudrey Kirsty Hulm is a Melbourne-based artist who works in a diverse array of media and exhibition formats. You are as likely to see her work writ-large in music festival sculpture or inked onto the skin a fellow-Melbournian as you are in a gallery. You can see some of her previous projects on her website: