Tantra: Finding Pleasure in Unsettled Times with Elisa ONLINE

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Stuck inside binge-watching Netflix or anxiously glued to the television news? and found your libido has gone to zero? it makes sense really – it’s hard to feel desire when you are anxious, right?  which is a shame as it can be a great antidote for anxiety and stress as it releases oxytocin and endorphins, this in turn can boost our immune system.

This workshop has been designed with exactly this in mind. You will learn practical tantric tools that will empower you to have greater depth in your eroticism and turn this quarantine into an opportunity to discover the magic realm of your tantric self. I will teach you proven, effective ways I have helped hundreds of clients bring more depth and aliveness to their sex lives.

Tantra provides a perfect antidote. It is essentially mindful sexuality. Tantra help us to anchor in the present moment, when we are fully present we open new pathways for pleasure and ecstasy. Sex is not seen as shameful, but as a way to connect on a deeper level with someone else and yourself.

What will we cover?

What you’ll get out of the workshop

  • A solid, no-nonsense introduction to tantra
  • A deeper connection with yourself and ability to be present
  • Simple, powerful practices to develop a present, vibrant and fulfilled sexual life
  • Practical tools that combine breath, sound and movement to revolutionise your mental, physical and sexual wellbeing.

This workshop is appropriate for singles, couples, and people of all orientations and genders. You’ll only do the stuff you are comfortable doing – in fact, I am going to teach you how to get clear on what you really want in sex, and how to have clear boundaries and communication around this.

Who will be teaching?

Elisa Caro is a Tantric Facilitator who blends together teachings from ancient Tantra and mod20150313-DSCF2645-02 (1)ern psychology, helps empower people to embrace their sexuality for more fulfilment in and outside of the bedroom. Her work focuses on helping people feel at ease in their body and connecting deeply with themselves so that they can live their lives with greater truth and integrity. You can connect with her on Facebook.