Forming New Habits With Creativity

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Habitual behaviour affects many aspects of our lives. Altering habits for the better can have a highly positive impact on our quality of life, our relationships with others and ourselves.  Art, movement, music and creativity can be effective tools for self management.

What will we cover?

Using elements of yoga and dance, accompanied by mood enhancing music, this original workshop explores emotional processing, dopamine rewiring, and self-management of health and happiness using creativity and self expression. Part lecture and part dance class, participants will experience a broad range of tools to self-manage motivation, skill development, coping mechanisms and habits.

With a little bit of science and a whole lot of swag, in this workshop you will learn how to rewire your own neurological pathways, discover new, fun, original ways of connecting the mind, body and spirit, practice healing through your passions, feel motivated to inspire and create, and be empowered.


Habits CreativityWho will be teaching?

Combining contagious enthusiasm for art, music, and movement with an honours degree in Sociology, ex professional dancer turned artist Kate Beth, explores elements of art therapy and the concept of empowering people to holistically manage their own well-being by enriching creativity, emotional awareness and self-esteem.

Kate is thrilled to share her abundant, positive energy and aid in restructuring the neural pathways of everyone in the safe (and joyful) space she creates.  “Art is life, life is Art.” You can connect with her on Instagram.