Journaling to Transform Stress with Ingrid ONLINE

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Stress and frustration are a perfectly normal part of life. In the same way that the fuel light in a car is an indicator to fill up the tank, our uncomfortable or unwanted emotions are important indicators that are trying to tell us something.

This class will use a journaling strategy to take our not so fun emotions on a journey where they get transformed into a gift. This will leave you feeling calmer, clearer, empowered and happy.

What will we cover?

We’ll explore how to learn from our stresses and frustrations.  Rather than letting them keep you stuck or reacting to them, you’ll be guided with easy to follow steps to dive a little deeper.

You’ll learn a practical way of using a journal for growth that will include:
• Giving yourself permission to stress
• Uncovering what the stress might really be about
• Discovering the gift that it really is

With each step, you’ll be guided to practice by putting pen to paper.  Whatever you write in your journal is personal and you won’t be asked to share it.

What will you need?

– A journal, notebook or if you don’t have any at home just plain paper
– A pen

Ingrid Jane JonesWho will be teaching?

Ingrid Jones is a life coach, an experienced primary school teacher and a bit of a love bug.  She’s the creator of an online program called Essence of You, that has you stepping out of your head and into your heart. She believes all relationships stem from the one you have with yourself and just like a garden, the more you tend to it, the more it grows.  You can find her on Facebook and Instagram.