SOLD OUT – Look Draw Love Melbourne with City Precinct

This class has passed
This class has passed
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Look Draw Thrive is is a unique walking tour combining the power of mindfulness through focus with the creativity, joy and observational skills of drawing and urban sketching. 

City Precinct and City of Melbourne are sponsoring a series of them called Look Draw Love Melbourne, so we can show you the amazing hidden corners and laneways around our beautiful city. All this totally free!

Research shows the powerful benefits of drawing and creative practices for improved mental health and ongoing wellbeing. Focusing in your surroundings, learning how to observe better and how to live in the NOW are important components of mindfulness which crossover with urban sketching or drawing.

This world-first program creates the concept of mindful sketching: observing and focusing on the details of streets and laneways you may 

Join us and 

Walk with intent,        

Look with enthusiasm,       

Draw with joy,       

Connect with yourself and your surroundings

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These events are sponsored by City of Melbourne and City Precint