Marvellous Melbourne: Madams and Harlots – A Historical Romp with Maree ONLINE

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Melbourne’s rich and colourful history of prostitution has enjoyed a long and profitable existence.  The gold mining boom not only attracted an influx of (male) prospectors hoping to strike it lucky, but also prostitutes a plenty, who had their eye on the prize.

Join us on a tantalising tour of Melbourne’s sex industry – from the Gold Rush to modern day.  We will also discuss the sexual stereotypes in society, the effect they have on both sexes and how this has led to a suppression of sexual expression.

Join sensuality expert Maree for a peek into Melbourne’s saucy and salacious sex industry past and present and enjoy a romp through the history of Melbourne’s madams and harlots.

What will we cover?

  • The brothel boom in the 1850s
  • The scandal surrounding dancer and courtesan Lola Montez’ erotic Spider Dance at the Theatre Royal
  • The roaring sex trade in the infamous red light district called Little Lon and the most notable of Melbourne’s madams.
  • The exploits of the legendary Madame Brussels, a savvy business woman with friends in high places, who helped her achieve the esteemed status of Melbourne’s wealthiest madam
  • The opium dens, high class ‘flash houses’ on Lonsdale St and the seedier ones in the surrounding laneways
  • A look through the keyhole at modern day brothels escorts, dominatrices and courtesans
  • The Little Lon district today (including 17 Casselden Place and Madame Brussels cocktail bar)
  • The way prostitution is depicted in the media and in the Australian TV series Satisfaction (filmed in Melbourne)
  • How sex on a woman’s terms is a strong source of feminine empowerment

From a burgeoning start and through the varying changes in legislation, the sex industry has been a source of great fodder in the media.

What will you need?

  • Pen and paper or your preferred note taking device

Who will be teaching?

Maree Shefford (aka Madame M) specialises in teaching burlesque and other sensual dance styles in Melbourne, and is also a tantric embodiment coach. Over the last 14 years she has taught hundreds of women about sensuality, confidence, and empowerment.  Her research in sacred sexuality and feminine power paved the way to the creation of feminine embodiment training programs which include: Goddess Body, Art or Seduction and Unleash Your Fire.

If you would like to connect with Madame M you can visit her Facebook page or her website.