Marvellous Melbourne: Ukulele Songs About Melbourne with Steph ONLINE

This class has passed
This class has passed

This class is part of our Marvellous Melbourne series. Click here to see other classes celebrating Melbourne.

What’s it all about?

The ukulele is small, portable and the perfect instrument for small spaces or when family and friends gather.  Softly strum away under conversations and become a part of the soundtrack of life, or up the beat and become the focus of the moment with voices raised in songs (of our beloved Melbourne) accompanied by this awesome little instrument!  

This humble instrument is straightforward to learn and there are HEAPS of resources out there to help you.

This class is ideal for beginner ukulele players to learn how to play iconic songs about our beloved Melbourne on the ukulele.  After a session with Steph your strumming will go leaps and bounds.

What will we cover?

We’ll learn:

  • How to tune your ukulele
  • How to hold your ukulele correctly
  • How to make the chords – finger placement
  • How to strum chords in time and keep the beat to one of the best songs ever written about Melbourne.

What will you need?

  • You will need a ukulele!
  • A tuner or tuning app (such as the free Kala Ukulele app)

Who will be teaching?

Steph Payne has been a musician for 20 years as well as a performer, musical director, arranger and a teacher of singing, ukulele and music theory.

Steph learnt her uke teaching techniques from renowned uke legend, James Hill. She loves introducing people to the ukulele and enjoys teaching people how to play and enjoy this unique instrument.  Lucky for her, she travelled to Vancouver, Los Angeles and Austin to study with world leading uke teachers last year and not in 2020! And now she is here again and ready to share what she has learnt with you.

You can follow her on her website or Facebook.