Middle East Herbs, Spices and Cooking Tips with Natalie (Online)

This class has passed
This class has passed

Natalie’s cooking classes cover all the bases of Middle Eastern cooking, from dips to rice dishes, desserts to feasts! 

In this class we will explore the history and relationships of herbs and spices, and cooking tips, important to a Middle Eastern kitchen.

What will we cover?

In this cook-along class we will discover:

  • Common herbs and spices used in Middle Eastern homes.
  • Cooking tips and tricks – Middle Eastern dishes can be complicated and time consuming, we will discuss and learn economical and useful tips and tricks, from dips to salads, main dishes and desserts.

Bring your questions and feedback and let’s have fun in conversation.


    • Closed Captions
    • Early Bird Cheap Tix
    • Free Tix for First Nation Attendees
    • Auslan Interpreter Upon Request 

    Who will be teaching?

    Natalie (she/her) was born in the magical city of Jerusalem and immigrated to Melbourne as a teenager, bringing along and continuing her stories and love of Middle Eastern cuisine. 

    The difference between her and her parents (best cooks ever) is that Natalie will show you how to prepare and present Middle Eastern dishes in a simple, affordable and delightful way.

    What will you need? 

    A curious mind and interest in Middle Eastern cuisine, herbs and spices.

    Bring along your cooking and kitchen tips and tricks to share

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