Native Aussie Terrariums

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Terrariums are gorgeous living ornaments that add that little extra vitality to any lounge room or desk space. If you’re searching for a way to bring the Australian outdoors inside, and in a way that feels special for you, this may be the very idea you’re looking for.

This class offers ideas about how to bring a bit of yourself into every creation you make through the process of making terrariums based around native Australian plants and natural items found in our local surroundings.

What will we cover?

Terrariums are cool but how much better would they be if they represented a story about your own life? Imagine collecting all the great things you see during your day and assembling them in a glass vessel to place on your desk or coffee table – a reminder that life is beautiful!

This workshop will show you how to design a terrarium using native Australian plants and items collected from the surrounding landscape. In order to make it really special and unique to you feel free to bring along any little things you see in your daily life – maybe an interesting seed pod you found whilst walking your dog – to use as decoration. You may also like to use a vase or cookie jar to house your terrarium. Alternatively we can provide a glass container, just let us know.

Who will be teaching?

Samantha LevySamantha Levy is the Environments & Lifestyle Designer of Inner Sanctuary Design and works to create spaces which promote vibrancy, health, sustainability and wellbeing. With a background in architecture and building biology, she has a strong focus on our environments and the effect that they have on the mind, body and soul, which has lead to a deepening awareness of the need for nature and natural products in our everyday lives.

Samantha is currently creating the art project ’30 terrariums in 30 days: Life inside the jar of a terrarium maker’. She has been running terrarium-making workshops and refining the art of handcrafted terrariums which she hopes will serve to enhance wellbeing and vibrancy in our living spaces. You can see some of her work here.