Personality Profiling

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Personality profiling is an exciting way to learn about yourself and other people in your life. It’s also a fun way to read people when you are people watching!

The Enneagram is a personality profiling study based on Greek mythology. There are nine different personality styles. With some knowledge and understanding you can learn about yourself and others. It is amazing how much fun we have relating to certain idiosyncracies of ourselves, and people we know!

What will we cover?

We will be covering the Enneagram: an introduction to the diagram, its formation and how to use it. We will consider our own personality types, and will also learn the tools and rules to think about other people. We will be learning:

  • A simple breakdown of the nine personality styles
  • The derailing and healthy points of each style
  • How to stay on a journey of virtues using the diagram as a tool
  • How to read each style from observation

There will be a short questionnaire to assist in self-assessment. The workshop will keep it fun and interactive, with open discussion and questions along the way.

It has links to Pythagoras, and the Enneagram diagram has a mystical history also. You can use it as a basic tool for fun, or it has a deeper more complex side and can be used in relationships in all areas of life. It is a powerful tool for growth and easy to understand.

Who will be teaching?

Gaynor Barry is an accredited teacher with the International Enneagram Association in USA. She has been teaching the Enneagram within a company called Moving Forward Australia, which incorporates numerous workshops based on the Enneagram nationally. She has 10 years experience in this field, first learning through assignments then teaching day classes as well as 3-day workshops. She is passionate about how much she has learnt and enjoys imparting knowledge to others.