Radio Astronomy Basics for the Inquisitive Mind with Philip

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

The universe – it’s a pretty big topic! But when we turn to the sky to understand what’s out there and its relationship to Earth, we’re not just using telescopes and satellites. We can also use…radio!

Your teacher Philip is an amateur Radio Astronomer and part of the Astronomical Society of Victoria, and he is super enthusiastic about sharing the Universe with you!

Through a most basic approach, Philip will help you understand how radio astronomy is achieved, what it is used for, and how to tune in to the planets!

You’ll leave with a new love for the sky, and a greater understanding of the methods used to discern the mysteries of our universe. So come along and be fascinated by our world, and the technologies that help us understand it!

What will we cover?

In this informative class, you’ll learn about radio astronomy from a most passionate teacher! We’ll cover:

  • How radio and radio astronomy emerged 
  • We then look at a simple radio telescope and learn roughly how it works.
  • We delve into the ways in which the received data is interpreted and processed (Don’t panic, there won’t be any maths! Just a demonstration of what goes on).
  • And finally give an overview of some mysteries that still require observation and study.


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    Who will be teaching?

    Philip Costigan (he/him) is an automation engineer who began life with a keen interest in electronics.

    When he discovered that the Astronomical Society of Victoria had a radio astronomy section that required people with electronics skills then he found his niche. Philip is the current section director for radio astronomy at the ASV, and is a very enthusiastic amateur Radio Astronomer!

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