She, StoryTeller: Radical Fairytale Re-imagining + Macrame Woman Planter

  • 28th Aug, 2024
  • 6:30pm - 8:30pm (AEST)
  • Laneway learning at City Art
    512 Elizabeth St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
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$20 AUD + BF
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This class is part of She, Storyteller a
series for all women (and women-identifying) who want to unpack the
stories that have been told to us, the stories that we’ve believed and
the stories that we wish to write for ourselves moving forward. 

Over three classes, three fairytale-orientated, narrative
processes are paired with grounding, hands-on craft activities to
promote reflection and connection, as we follow a breadcrumb trail back
to parts of ourselves that got lost along the way.

What will we cover?

In this class we take the fairytales we know and love, deconstruct them piece by piece before sewing them back together in ways that are meaningful to us and reflective of who we are.

This class is less about ‘reflecting on what the story means’ and more about getting in there and re-writing it ourselves. Fairytales offer a foundation for symbolism and meaning-making and that’s just the start. We need stories that move beyond the stripped back, cis hetero characters and reflect the tapestry of human existence in 2024.

What will we craft?

To help us process, release, retain, grow or reflect over the content
and information given to us, we have paired each class with a 45min low
intensity craft workshop. All crafts have been planned to be mindful,
relaxing and soul-nurturing.

This third session will be paired with making a macrame woman planter with a unique pattern. We’ll learn an easy knot and make this lobely plant hanger as a memento of the She StoryTeller experience.

Additional Information

  • The workshops interconnect as the content builds from one to the
    next. However, each workshop also offers stand-alone value and can be
    taken individually if that is the preference.
  • The workshops are
    geared towards women who love story as a medium and are interested to
    explore how fairy-tale symbolism might apply to life ‘on the ground’.
    This is an adult learning space and is not intended to be therapy or art
  • Connection and reflection are the two aims of the
    series. Regarding ‘connection’, you can expect the following: friendly
    faces, chatting and being together, absorbing information about
    symbolism and fairytales, drinking tea and doing craft with like-minded
  • This is a “self-work”, classroom style set up and
    not a deep sharing space or a women’s circle. You will not be required
    or encouraged to share information that is deeply personal to you.

Who will be teaching? 

Lisa Ritchie (she/her) is a Counselling Psychologist and University Lecturer with a passion for myth and story. Alongside her teaching and counselling work, she delivers workshops on the psychological impact of fairy tales, exploring their symbolism and relevance through a narrative and Jungian lens.

Lisa works with individuals seeking meaningful change and increased levels of thriving in her private practice based in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Outside of work, she is often found with her head in a book or lost on a hiking track somewhere on the outskirts of Melbourne. You can follow her on Instagram at @the_story_psych

Maria Yebra (she/her) is the general manager of Laneway Learning, a serial crafter and a lifelong learner. She enjoys creating experiences and events to grow and flourish personally and as a cohesive community.

She loves to teach and learn new creative practices as well as tending to her 300 plants, 3 cats and 4 chickens. You can follow her on Instagram at @malayebra.

This event is possible
thanks to a connected neighborhoods grant from City of Melbourne and
will happen at City Art, managed by Creative Spaces.

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