Sing Along! Fun singing techniques for everyone with Eira ONLINE

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

This isn’t just an ordinary singing lesson – this is a cheerful, let-go-of-your-inhibitions kind of class where you’ll get to sing along to some famous tunes with your teacher, campfire-style!

It doesn’t matter how well you can sing, just that you are enthusiastic and willing to learn something new outside of your comfort zone.

The beauty about learning to sing is that your instrument is in-built and readily accessible – you just need to invest some time and passion to get it working at its best.  Furthermore, singing has a wide range of health benefits: it improves your posture and your sleep, it lowers stress, increases mental alertness and helps boost your immune system as well as your confidence!

Just like a good ole’ sing-song around the campfire, this class is designed to help you feel warm and cosy and more connected to the power of your own voice

What will we cover?

The goal of this class is to help you find confidence in the art of singing, as well as connect with others through the joy of music!

In this class you will:

• Learn to harness and care for your natural instrument
• Learn about specific vocal techniques to improve your singing
• Learn interesting facts about music and song composition
• Sing along to well-known songs in a supportive environment
• Enjoy the gift of music and social singing!

Being an online class, your teacher will guide you through vocal exercises and lead the group in singing selected songs. Rest assured, you will not be put on the spot to sing solo at any stage – rather, you will be encouraged to sing together in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

*Students are encouraged to find a comfortable space to sing freely and use earphones during the class where possible. Make yourself a warm beverage to sip on during the class too!

Who will be teaching?

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Eira Joy Aringay is a Melbourne-based writer, musician and entrepreneur.
After a decade working in the commercial media and marketing industries, Eira left the corporate world to mentor young people through social enterprise The Mentorship (Link: and empower women through online storytelling community Sisters & Stuff (, co-founded with her younger sister, Ezra May.
Through these ventures and other artistic projects, Eira is pursuing her mission of encouraging people to harness their unique creative gifts, becoming agents of positive social and global change.
Keep up with Eira and her work here! (Link: