Storyboarding Fundamentals with Kiki ONLINE

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Want to draw engaging storyboards and sequential art? Learn basic visual storytelling techniques, including shot sizes/types and pacing, to tell more authentic and creative stories.

What will we cover?

In this class, we will cover:

  • the fundamentals of an engaging visual sequence
  • an outline of basic panel transitions for comics
  • practise with panel transitions to tell more engaging stories

What will you need?

Paper, scissors, pens, coloured felts or pencils and a push pin or thumb tack (or similar)

Who will be teaching?

Kiki is an aspiring cartoonist who grew up reading, writing and sketching in her bedroom. She studied creative writing/film and is working to produce her first graphic novel. Kiki is passionate about the art of storytelling through sequential art.