Overcome Fear and Procrastination to Reach Your Goals

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

We all make new resolutions but often they are hard to achieve. Why?

There is nothing quite as suffocating and restricting as fear. Considering how common it appears in our lives it is very much misunderstood.

Advice like “there’s nothing to be afraid of” and “feel the fear and do it anyway” has been given to us all. But what is the best way for us to deal with our own fears?

Procrastination is the other common and inhibiting state. It prevents us from being our best.

What if the two were exactly the same at a root level and could even be treated the same?

What we will cover?

Our fears are one of the least talked about topics around. We are going to lift the lid on fear and discover:

  • What fear really is
  • What purpose fear serves (if any)
  • How we can overcome our fears in our own time and in our own ways
  • The links between fear and procrastination
  • How to beat procrastination.

In this class, ex-stuntman Brett Solomano will be sharing how he overcame many of his fears. These include driving at high speed, jumping off buildings, being set on fire, swimming through shipwrecks and now public speaking. Using very simple concepts and observations, you will have the opportunity to get an insight into your own fears and what’s holding you back.

By the end of this class you will surely see the similarities between fear and procrastination and feel empowered and able to overcome them both! Time to achieve those goals and new year resolutions!

Who will be teaching?

Ex-stunt performer, Brett Solomano, has spent nearly ten years working with danger, fear and adrenaline, teaching and learning from sports men and athletes, the very best tools and techniques for learning fast, overcoming your fears and remaining cool under pressure. When Brett isn’t driving trucks or abseiling off buildings he likes to work with at risk and disadvantaged youth helping them understand their body and mind in fun and deceptively simple ways.