Take the Power Back: Power Dynamics at Home and Work with Gordon ONLINE

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Power: everyone knows what it is, but few understand where it comes from, how it moves, or how to successfully achieve it.

Join us to unpack this fascinating topic with insights based on cutting edge research.

What will we cover?

An introduction to the nature of power, its various forms, how it moves, and the implications for how we pursue our goals and live our lives.

This class will

  • Introduce you to the basics of power dynamics
  • Help you achieve the things you want
  • Look at power in both your personal life and professional life.

Who will be teaching?

Gordon is an ethicist, environmentalist, Principal at Ethilogical Consulting, lecturer at RMIT’s School of Design, and author of Power and the Professional published by McFarland Press. He is also a blacksmith, coppersmith and ongoing member of the Victorian Scout Association.  You can reach him at to talk more about ethics, power, conflict resolution or crafty stuff of any kind.

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