Confident Presenters International Students Program

Is the thought of public speaking FREAKING YOU OUT?

Does making a speech feel way out of reach?

Do you want to support your peers, learn and grow and overcome your fears?

If you answered YES to these questions… read on…

Build your self-leadership, content producing and delivery skills at the FREE Confident Presenters Program!

This 12 hour program will help you:

  • build self-confidence to nail it every time
  • learn top tips for killer content
  • manage an audience and keep them engaged and involved
  • believe in yourself

so that you can feel confident in any presentation, speech or workshop that you do!


  • produce online content, like videos
  • stretch their boundaries and comfort zone in supported ways (even if they’re scared)
  • deliver their group assignment confidently
  • be ready for new opportunities
  • present like a boss at work
  • run a workshop or training
  • commit to themselves and the rest of the group

Run as 4 x 3 hour online sessions over 2 weeks, we promise:

  • you will be stretched
  • others will champion you (even when you mess up)
  • you will build skills and do things you never thought you could
  • you will be ready to present a public workshop on a topic that you love
  • you will have truly earned your graduation certificate


  • you’re not ready to commit to the full program (12 hours)
  • you don’t want to present confidently
  • you’re happy in the shadows
  • you don’t want to extend yourself
This program is for international students enrolled in Victorian universities only.

Supported by Study Melbourne through the Study Melbourne Inclusion Program



Anita van Rooyen – Chief Confidence Hacker

Anita van Rooyen used to be the shyest person in the universe… Scared to talk or be seen, her confidence was at level zero. Over time she learned, created and tried all kinds of tools to boost her self-esteem.

Now as a human behaviour expert and the Chief Confidence Hacker, Anita helps young people of all ages to build lasting confidence, using tools that truly work, so that they can make better decisions for themselves about their study, job, happiness, contentment and even life itself.

Maria Yebra – General Manager, Laneway Learning

Maria Yebra has been a lawyer, a chef, a hostess, a cake decorator, a marketing expert, a shoe maker and a web designer but then she found her true love: lifelong learning and community teaching.

With nearly 10 years of experience in workshop development, public speaking and social connection with Laneway Learning, she loves helping others share their passions and knowledge with the community.