Laneway Love

“I wanted to say how fabulous the class was last night. I had been struggling with lockdown fatigue more than usual and it was the perfect antidote- it was so fun and made me happier than anything has done for weeks!!!”

Sophie, Attendee


“Thank you so much for such a fun cocktails class yesterday afternoon! We had such a good time, the drinks were all delicious and we loved your stories to go with them. We’ve had friends messaging all day saying how much they loved it as well.”

Angela and Imogen, online hen party organisers


“Last night I had the great delight of doing the Tortilla class. Much more than just a recipe and a technique, it was more like an invitation into a family kitchen.
It was well executed by the presenter. I used the tortilla as a centrepiece to a number of tapas dishes that I had prepared for my wife and daughter.
The three of us enjoyed the celebration of the meal which is probably the main thing that came from the lesson. That all food can be a celebration, happy and sad. Its part of family. Thank you so much for giving much more than a recipe.”

Cristopher, Online attendee


“According to my records, I have been attending Laneway Learning classes for the past six years, when I attended an Opera Appreciation class back in 2014.  My memory is that I have been attending classes even longer than that.

I have been to a number of classes where the skills I learnt back then, many years ago, I still use today.  The prime two examples that spring to mind are the Visible Mending and iPhone Movies and Photography classes.  The classes that Laneway Learning provide are invaluable and are a fantastic way for people to springboard their knowledge and interest into further studies, without the initial financial and time investment usually needed to learn a new topic.

During the current pandemic, Laneway Learning for me has become an even more important part of my life.  It is now an important way for me to connect with other human beings in a fun environment as well as learning new skills.  Even just having one Laneway Learning class each week to look forward to has made my life so much more bearable, and the simple act of having an online event to look forward has brightened up each passing week of the current and previous lockdown restrictions.  I’m eternally grateful to the Laneway Learning team for going to so much effort to transfer their classes from face-to-face learning, over to the new online format.

Once life returns to normal, I’m really looking forward to the simple pleasure of attending a class in person.

Laneway Learning provides an affordable and concise way for me to learn new skills and to meet likeminded people.  I can’t imagine my life without the hard work that the Laneway Learning team puts in to organising and running these invaluable classes.”

Chris Janson – Regular attendee


“Laneway Learning has helped me and my partner to stay connected and be a part of a community of like-minded people. As our social circles have shrunk, the opportunity to join classes such as Simon’s Ginger cocktails has meant that the days are a little brighter for us. Growing practical skills through the lovely caring teachers at Laneway has also boosted the joy we get around the home.”

Daniel Hill – Regular attendee


“I have participated in a a number of online Laneway Learning classes this year, ranging from Feldenkrais movement and laughter dancing to drawing and doodling and ways to overcome procrastination. Every class has been a positive and enriching experience. Living alone during this COVID-19 period has been challenging and isolating and I have welcomed and appreciated the interaction with the wonderful Laneway Learning teachers and the feeling of connection with the other participants. The classes are positive highlights in my weeks. I am grateful to Laneway Learning for so quickly adapting to providing classes online during the pandemic and for the range and quality of classes on offer.”

Jenny Holmes – Regular attendee


“I am so glad that a friend told me about Laneway Learning, and now we attend face-to-face and online classes regularly. I work full time and cannot commit to formal study, so this is exactly what I needed in order to learn new things, have fun, meet new people. This educational provider became more of a community to me. Laneway Learning has an amazing and simple way to sign up for classes. Very often clients get put off by too much hustle, but their website is so user friendly that even those who are not very skilled in navigating the online world can easily work it out. The range of classes offered is very versatile, people can gain knowledge in completely unexpected and quirky areas of knowledge. They can try new things, pursue their dreams and hobbies. 

I loved it when we realised once that a mother and a daughter were taking the same online class. The mother was in the USA, and the daughter in Melbourne. This brought an amazing feeling of the world being so connected that long distances were becoming less and less important. It is a powerful channel for people who are physically isolated due to restrictions, disability, distances and other circumstances. This helps their mental health and wellbeing.

It is well-known that a lot of ideas that we consider to be genius are actually very simple. For me, the idea of Laneway Learning is one of those. Simple website layout, registration and payment process, amazing classes that are welcoming, fun, accessible, affordable, make Laneway Learning a perfect player in the field of education and entertainment. Initiatives such as Laneway Learning should get all support from local governments and businesses because they serve the community directly, connect us, spread knowledge and fun. The benefit from Laneway Learning’s work is immediate and direct – people learn new things, a sense of community is strengthened, those who want to teach are provided with an amazing opportunity.

Laneway Learning has a big future because more and more educational and entertainment services are inevitably moving online. A lot of their classes can easily switch the mode of delivery.  

Laneway Learning has a dedicated and grateful client in me.

Anna Madyarova – Regular attendee


“My experience with Laneway Learning began with a free workshop on macramé plant pot holder making. This workshop had run in conjunction with RMIT University sustainability week. It was a great experience and so empowering. We had recycled old t-shirts, used for the yarn. Maria Yebra ran the session and her teaching style was relaxing yet informative and thorough but above all, really fun. That particular workshop had led me into wanting to discover more of what Laneway Learning had to offer. Although I had previously, heard about Laneway but through that actual session experience, it had triggered a desire into wanting to have a go and to try new experiences cheaply. 

From to time to time, I had always participated in short courses but in the end, the excessive charge outweighed the benefits. In truth, I really couldn’t afford to really do them anymore but Laneway Learning changed all that. The courses on offer are incredible, there’s something for everyone, and they are affordable and quick – there’s no dilly-dallying of any sort. I have participated in many of the courses and have gained so much, not just in terms of knowledge and experience but also, the fellowship and the feeling of belonging – you can be yourself and have a laugh. It’s a great time and I don’t feel as lonely; it’s an integral part of my social life and most importantly, it’s inclusive. It’s actually worth it for me to come up from Geelong to attend. In Geelong, there is nothing even remotely like Laneway Learning. Even during COVID19, Laneway are doing their part by running many relevant and wonderful online courses. It’s so important and crucial right now, particularly with the social restrictions.

Laneway Learning is a not for profit organisation that I will always continue to support. They have done so much for me, and really care about and support the community. Everywhere needs something like Laneway – there’s no other place like it. “

Julia Fidler – Regular attendee


“I want to express my thanks to Melbourne Laneway Learning for giving me the opportunity to continue my work during the pandemic crisis.

As soon as the first round of restrictions came in Laneway quickly cancelled all live classes and set up online versions. I teach Feldenkrais mindful movement and was able to translate my classes into online versions, with the help of Laneway. I have been delighted to be able to continue teaching and Laneway has enabled me to reach many more students by being available online.

Many people have joined my classes online, actually more than were doing the live classes previously! I have been able to help many people improve their movement skills, posture, balance and coordination. In my classes they have been able to relax, have some fun and improve their health and wellbeing. A very nice thing to do in these difficult times.”

Ralph Hadden – Teacher 


“As an artist and educator, living and working in the City of Melbourne Municipality, Laneway Learning has been a great community to be part of for the last year and a half. 

I have been teaching regular arts and craft classes for LL since 2018, and it has offered a modest but regular source of income that complement my freelancing as a creative. Most importantly, LL has been nothing but welcoming and supportive. Maria and her team always welcome my ideas for new classes and LL is a great community to develop new curriculums in a friendly atmosphere. As a teacher, on top of our teachers fee, we get offered a free pass to join another teacher’s class, and I thoroughly enjoy it! I have attended so many great classes, learnt so many news skills and knowledge and met some incredible teachers! Maria has offered me regularly to teach corporate classes that LL also offers, and that has been a good financial opportunity as well. Some of the workshops I’ve developed and taught for LL, I have now been able to develop and sell to other groups or just ticket myself. And LL is happy to help me promote my other workshops or other creative outcomes and as such have been a great support beyond simply employing me. As an anecdote, I’ve gained ≈300 followers on social media directly from teaching at LL, and as an artist this helps me grow my visibility. 

This year with the exceptional circumstances, LL is the only group with which I taught creative workshops that reacted to transition online. And quickly too! As a creative I have been financially affected by the lockdown and lost a substantial part of my income as a freelancer. But LL very quickly transitioned online during the first lockdown, then reacted swiftly to come back in person when we could (in a small group with extra precaution), and now we were immediately ready to move online again when the second lockdown was put in place. Not only does that provide a continuity in income, but also makes me feel connected to the community, through the classes I teach and the weekly teachers zoom meet up. I now have regular participants who started coming to LL when we moved online! It is validating and reassuring to be able to continue my job as an artist and educator with LL during COVID19. 

Finally, I believe LL is doing a valuable service to the community with their online classes offer! Every time I teach a class in the evening, and I see a group of people, at home, sitting down to do arts together, it brings me joy! Much better than watching telly again! “

Emilie Walsh – Teacher