Insider Tips to Laneway Learning

We really love you guys so we have put together a little list of Laneway Learning hacks! Here are some useful tips to get maximum happiness out of your Laneway Learning experience.

1. You can’t come to Space Bowling on that date but really want to learn how to bowl in zero gravity.

We usually repeat popular classes every few months, whilst still maintaining a wide variety of topics and classes. If you can’t come to a class on a specific date, join the waiting list anyway. We will email the waiting list when a repeat class is coming up so you’ll get the chance to book in before the class goes out on our newsletter.

2. Our new classes are announced on social media throughout the week and in our newsletter.

Sign up to our newsletter to find out about new classes as they are announced, and to hear about other interesting things happening in our community. We send out our newsletter just before work each Monday morning so that you get some fun news before starting your working week. Class sizes are pretty small so if you really want to get in on that Space Bowling class you might want to book in before you get caught up in the boring stuff.

We also announce other new classes as soon we get them booked in. Check in with us a couple of times a week to make absolutely sure you get to learn how to bowl in zero gravity!

3. You can search by suburb.

On the homepage there are buttons for different locations around the city, e.g. ‘CBD’ or ‘Northcote’. If you click one of those the classes will be filtered by location, so you can easily see which ones are near to you.

4. Reminder emails are sent on Fridays.

On Friday we send reminder emails to all the attendees for the following week’s classes. Make sure you read it and check the date, time and location in your calendar!

5. Use an email address you check regularly.

Reminder emails may go out late in the day, so if you’ve already headed home and have used your work email address, you might not see the reminder until Monday! Emails about repeat classes or new spaces opening up are also often sent out of working hours. So it’s best to use your personal address, or one you can check often: that way you won’t miss that spot in that class you really want to do.

6. There are topic tags on the website

The tags at the bottom right hand side of the website are a great way to search past and upcoming classes by theme. For example “Performance” will show you all classes related to dance, acting, singing, etc. whereas “Life skills” will show you classes related to general skills such as time management, self-confidence and more.

7. Our search bar is hiding!

If you need to search for something on our website our search button is hiding at the bottom of each page in the right hand corner.

*Update: We’ve moved the search bar to the top right of each page, much more sensible!

8. You don’t need to print or show your class registration when attending a class.

We have an electronic attendance list with the names of everyone who is attending a class so there is no need to print your registration email (yay, trees!). If there is any confusion we can look up payments and registrations on our laptop.

9. If you can’t attend a class…

If you can’t come to a class and you have passed the 48hr deadline for a refund then you can invite a friend to come in your place or maybe post it on our Facebook wall or Twitter account. Other people might want to take your spot!

10. Class requests.

Although it’s a bit hidden due to Facebook’s layout changes, we have a note where you can post and comment on class requests and suggest topic ideas. Find it here.

That’s all we can think of right now, if you have discovered any other Laneway Learning hack please let us know and we will add it here!
The whispering monkeys were borrowed from jinterwas under a Creative Commons License.