Today, Croft Institute; Tomorrow… the World!

It’s time for a new experiment, although one not quite as evil as what the mad scientist here is doing to the poor guy in the rabbit suit. No, our experiment is much better: we’re opening up classes at the Croft Institute.

The venue

croftThe Croft Institute might look like a villain’s science lab straight out of a 1970’s James Bond film, but… well actually, that’s pretty awesome! Who wouldn’t want to go to a Laneway Learning class in a place like that?

The ground floor laboratory bar comes complete with lab stools, gas taps and a collection of curious glassware on display. The first floor houses the male and female departments of hygiene (aka bathrooms), while the second floor gymnasium bar is open on weekends and hosts both local and international DJs.

The classes

We were thinking of running classes on “Science-y Potions: How to Jekyll-and-Hyde Yourself” and “Laugh Maniacally like a Mad Scientist”, but in the end decided to go with two more mainstream, though fascinating classes. We will open on April 20th with Interactive Storytelling with Twitter, followed very closely by Speak with Your Hands: Auslan. Communicate in a way you haven’t before in our first week at Croft!

Not much longer ’til we conquer all of Melbourne! [Strokes weird hairless cat on lap then laughs maniacally.]

The featured image of the mad scientist’s giant laser machine is borrowed and edited with thanks from Yohanes Sanjaya under a Creative Commons Licence.