Workplace Wellbeing Classes

Looking for a break from the routine? a team-bonding activity that’s a little bit different? Maybe something different for that sustainability week at the office or workplace wellbeing program? Classes are a great way to socialise, relax, motivate or create cohesion in teams.

See below some popular corporate wellness options but there are many others to choose from! Just email us with your class idea and we’ll try to make it happen. We also have office Christmas party optionsHen Party classes and Buck Party classes.

How it all works

It’s very simple! Use the form below to send us the details for your event. We’ll check availability with our teacher/ venue and confirm materials needed. We need a $200 deposit to book the event. Then about 2 weeks before the class we will finalise attendees, details and send you a final invoice.

All our classes last for an hour and a quarter (75mins)

Please note we have a minimum of 10 people for private events and see all our private events terms and conditions here.

Our space or your space?

Our venue, Laneway Learning Central, is located at Level 3, Room 17, 37 Swanston St (Nicholas Building) CBD. It fits up to 30 people sat in a hands-on workshop set-up (chairs and tables) or up to 40 in a talk set-up (without tables). For dancing or movement classes, up to 20 people is best. We can also come to your offices or wherever you’d like us.

Our classes include 2hrs of venue hire but you can also hire our venue for extra hours at a rate of $30 per hour + GST.

Class suggestions and cost

Although we can create a private event from most of our classes (depending on teacher availability etc.), we have compiled some of the most popular ideas.

Deep Work: The Secret Weapon against Distraction

Let's face it, we are constantly distracted. Work, Email, Phone, Facebook, Work, Spotify and that's just in one minute. Did you know that it takes twenty minutes of distraction-free concentration to reach your full cognitive capacity? Most of us don't go more than a couple of minutes before we become distracted. Our wonderful brains are being restarted before they even fully load.

Luckily there is a secret weapon, Deep Work: The capacity to concentrate on one task, distraction free, for extended periods of time. In this class you'll learn techniques, strategies and more to vanish distraction and be more productive.

Understanding Your Emotional Intelligence

This workshop is about using a creative way to understand your own language of emotions. Do you know what's your sadness is telling you? And how about anger? Through using a storytelling approach, you will lean in to understand what these emotions could offer you. By the end of the workshop, you will feel empowered and start to embrace the language of emotions as a tool of your deepest awareness and develop capability to self-regulate, work with emotional information and use those as your gifts to transform your world.

Vulnerability: Our Greatest Measure of Courage

Always thought that being vulnerable was a bad thing? Maybe it isn't... We will learn the power of owning our own stories and embracing vulnerability. Leading to authenticity and all the wholesome feelings we crave in our lives, like meaning and purpose.

During this workshop we will be talking out some of the big things in life including how connection, shame, vulnerability and worthiness affect our lives. We'll even talk about how the mind works.

How to "Wrestle A Pig": Better Arguments with Unreasonable People

'Never wrestle with a pig, you'll just get dirty and they'll enjoy it' - or so the saying goes. But life is full of people who are unreasonable, uncooperative and sometimes plain wrong. If you can't deal with them, then they win. This class will help to equip you with the skills to not only wrestle those times in your life without getting dirty, it will also help prevent you from accidentally being the pig yourself.

A fun introduction to conflict resolution theory, a masterclass on a new ethics-driven approach to understanding and persuading your opponents, whether they be friends or family, and the opportunity to practice these new skills.

Options Ahead: Goal Setting for Multi-passionate People

Do you find it hard to settle on what you want to do with your life? Does the amount of choice out there often leave you feeling overwhelmed? Are you worried about making the wrong choice, thus don’t end up making a choice at all? Relax – you don’t need to just choose one thing.

This class is for all the people out there who identify as multi-passionate. People who, because of their many skills and interests, find it hard to choose a direction, both professionally and personally. So yes, you can pursue your love of science along with your dream of performing on stage; you can climb to the top of mountains and the top of the business world; you can take your family travelling for a year without abandoning your career. It all just takes a little planning.

Reconnect With Your Authentic Self

Want to lead an authentic life in this highly complex world? Reconnect and align with your authentic self through your Tree of Life. Through this creative exercise you can reconnect with your inner stories, strengths, abilities and your own unique qualities.

By the end of this class, you will feel empowered and have a sense of clarity about what actions you will need to take to bring out the best in you to lead an authentic and more meaningful life.

Self-Compassion is a Super Power!

Most of us believe that others deserve our kindness and compassion, but not us. Here we will learn why that is a dangerous belief and a erroneous one. This class will focus on the work and research on self-compassion by Dr Kristen Neff. You will learn what the components of compassion are, why you deserve it and why it is indispensable for overall wellbeing and success. You will also learn how to treat yourself kindly, like you would a good friend you care deeply for.

Knots Away! Learn Self Massage Techniques

Do you find yourself needing to work out the aches and pains after a day in the office or an afternoon on the sports field? Why not try a bit of self-massage? Guaranteed to loosen the muscles up and feel amazing!

We will cover the basics of how to self massage forearms, hands, necks and shoulders including where to find the good spots and what to do with "knots" when you do, self care tools the experts recommend to help with repetition and fatigue, stretches for when you’re too tired to stretch... It’s not a substitute for remedial therapy but it will make you feel pretty great!

Forget Overthinking! Get Re-Thinking

Rethinking it, this session is about being proactive in your thoughts; actively thinking about what you are saying, how you talk to yourself and others about yourself. How you talk and think influences your perspective and the choices you make. Instead of reinforcing negative thoughts and words we are going to use this theme of being proactive with your thinking to flip the negative enforcement. In this session we use interactive, interesting experiential exercises to gain insight and focus.

More information

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