Volunteer with Laneway Learning!

Laneway Learning is a not-for-profit community-based organisation, founded and run by people who love learning. We think that learning is something in which anyone can be involved, no matter their age, background or other circumstances. Learning shouldn’t be boring: it should be fun, interesting, and broad!

Volunteer Class Hosts provide crucial support to Laneway, making sure classes are welcoming and well-run. Some Class Hosts go on to become Laneway teachers and some Laneway teachers choose to be Class Hosts to observe and learn from other Laneway teachers.


The Class Host is responsible for the overall participant experience of classes. As a Class Host you will:

  • facilitate the highest quality experience for class attendees
  • support teachers to deliver the best version of their classes
  • assist with class set-up and pack up
  • provide feedback both personally and from attendees to help improvement over time
  • take photos to promote classes and Laneway Learning through social media
  • support the strategic goals of Laneway Learning through contributions to class quality, and support for further expansion.
Students at a laughter yoga class.

What we’re looking for

We’re looking for friendly people who have great customer service skills and are enthusiastic about learning. If you’ve been to our classes before, that is a plus! Other attributes we’re looking for include:

  • reliability and a mature work ethic
  • customer service experience
  • effective communication skills
  • good time management skills
  • flexibility and patience
  • ability to work as a member of a team
Learning Hawaiian hula dancing.

What’s in it for Class Hosts?

Training and support

Class Hosts receive training and are also given the opportunity to shadow an experienced Host for their first few shifts. In future we’re looking at running classes especially for Class Hosts in areas such as public speaking and photography to help our Class Hosts shine.

Class attendance

When they’re not busy with hosting tasks, Class Hosts are free to participate in the class. Participation is free of charge (although a materials fee may be charged). Many Class Hosts tell us that the chance to attend so many interesting classes is the thing they love most about the role.

A pathway to teaching

Laneway Learning is always looking for new teachers with skills and interests to share. Class Hosts have the opportunity to observe, work with and learn from current teachers. This is an excellent opportunity for Class Hosts interested in teaching to develop their own class concepts and observe successful teaching skills, and to gain practice speaking in front of a group.

Professional references

Laneway Learning is always happy to provide professional references for Class Hosts outlining the duties they undertake and skills they develop through the role.

How to apply

If you feel you’re suited to being a Class Host, apply through our online form below, explaining how you demonstrate the qualities listed above and why you would like to be involved. A Laneway Learning manager will get back to you soon.


On a regular night at Laneway Learning we have one or two team members. Some of the tasks which need to be done are:

  • Marking attendance as students arrive
  • Accepting cash payments if a student needs to pay
  • Setting up the room, including moving tables and chairs, laying out class materials, putting out drinking water, setting up the projector and speakers
  • Giving a short introduction to Laneway Learning and the class and teacher
  • Cleaning up between and after classes, including putting tables and chairs back, cleaning up rubbish and mess, packing away speakers
  • Helping out if a teacher needs assistance during a class, e.g. handing out taster plates of food they just cooked
  • Taking photos of the class
  • Posting images and updates to social media

In most cases you will be able to join in! In some classes where there is a materials cost you might not be able to be fully involved, but you can listen and join in the antics.

Yep! On the first few nights, you will be shown the ropes. It’s pretty straight forward, and we’re always happy to give you refresher courses on anything you have forgotten!

You’ll work with the LL team for training, arranging when you are going to volunteer and if you have any questions. On the night you will be partnered with another volunteer to work as a team.

It’s up to you! We run classes on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings in the CBD. There are usually two classes a night (starting at 6:15pm and 8pm) and we would expect you to look after the complete night (5:45-9:45pm). You can sign up to as many evenings as you like, from once a month to once a week.

There might be other situations, such as if we run special events, where you will be given the opportunity to be involved too.

Unfortunately not, this is a volunteer position only. However on the nights you will get to experience our classes and learn about all sorts of amazing things, plus meet some wonderful people.

A volunteering role is not intended or treated as a stepping stone to a permanent role on the team. However, if and when opportunities open up, you’ll be the first to find out.

If you would like to take on a bigger voluntary role that’s great! Let us know how much time you’d like to commit and what your skills are and we can work with you to find a project to stimulate your grey cells and give you a warm fuzzy feeling.