Bucks’ Parties and Activities

Want a Bucks’ Day a bit unconventional? Maybe a unique, fun cooking class or a sword-fighting duel? We have lots of Bucks’ Parties classes for you! We can help you plan a special class or arrange a whole day of activities in our space in the CBD or your selected venue. See some ideas below or visit our Hens Parties page for more inspiration.

How it all works

Our fun, casual classes are all one-off workshops and last around 75 minutes, which works great if you are planning a whole day or evening of activities. After you have confirmed the details and selected your class, please use the booking form below and we’ll send you an invoice for payment of the deposit. If you would like a different class to those listed below, please email us and we’ll let you know if it’s available.
See all our private events terms and conditions here. Please note there is a minimum of 10 attendees for private events.

Our space or your space?

Our venue, Laneway Learning Central, is located at Level 3, Room 17, 37 Swanston St (Nicholas Building) in Melbourne CBD. It fits up to 30 people sat in a workshop set-up (chairs and tables) or up to 40 in a talk set-up (without tables). For dancing or movement classes, up to 20 people work best.

Class ideas and cost

Although we can create a private event out of most of our classes (depending on teacher availability, etc.) we have compiled some of the most popular ideas below. Our venue can also be rented for extra hours at a rate of $30 per hour + GST.

Bacon Making

Do you like making great stuff from scratch? Learn about bacon curing and make your own bacon! Learn about the right equipment, the ingredients, the marinades and start curing a delicious piece of pork belly to take home.

Cost: $47 per person

Medieval Swordfighting

Like Game of Thrones? Learn a bit about the history of sword fighting, the differences between longswords, arming swords, rapiers, etc and of course, sword-fighting techniques with foam swords. This class is a fun mix of theory and practice and afterwards you should be able to strike and parry with a sword and know when a sword fight is good and bad.

Cost: $40 per person

Quick Pickles

Learn how to make your own pickles and go home with a delicious jar you just made. In this class, you'll learn a bit about the science behind pickling and how to make them at home. You'll get to practice and fill your own jar of goodness.

Cost: $43 per person


Want a healthy Then learn how to make kombucha from scratch including your own custom flavours! You'll take home a starter jar to continue at home and a bottle of your own kombucha. ($45 without scoby starter jar)

Cost: $50 per person

Metalwork & Enameling

Ever wanted to learn blacksmithing or metalwork? In this class you'll get the gist of working with copper and enamelling your own creation. From a keyring to an enamelled bowl or even a custom project, this class is fun and very hands on.

Cost: $43 - $60 per person

Cheers! All About Beers

Learn about the wonderful world of craft beers while tasting some! You'll learn about the brewing process, the ingredients that are used to make beers, difference between Lagers and Ales... Then you will taste 5 beers and analyse their profiles.

Cost: $42 per person


Learn how to make good beer at home with Brewsmith! In this class we'll go over the basic "brewing theory" first – what grains, hops and yeasts really do, both in the beers you like, and in the beers you don't. Then we'll get straight into learning the brewing process, complete with a live demonstration at the front of the class and lots of tastings of delicious beers.

Cost: $44 per person

Potsticker dumplings

Make delicious dumplings from scratch! Learn how to make the filling, where to get the best ingredients including wrappers and how to make the folds. You'll then get to eat the dumplings you just made.

Cost: $40 per person

Cocktail bar at home

Learn the basics for equipping your home with the necessary tools and knowledge to make some great cocktails, including a few cocktails. You can choose gin, whisky or rum editions and learn how to make delicious contemporary cocktails anywhere.

Cost: $46 per person

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