Online Private Classes

The gist

  • Private online classes for special occasions and virtual parties (hens, bucks, birthdays, anniversaries)
  • Corporate team activities and staff engagement – not just another end-of-week drinks
  • Online wellness for business teams and sports clubs (boost productivity and avoid burn out)
  • 45 to 120 minute classes (customisable topics and length)
  • Live and interactive sessions with a dedicated teacher
  • Lots of hands-on “doing” classes not just more meetings or passive videos.

How it all works

It’s very simple!

  • Our live classes are all on our private Zoom account (free to use for participants).
  • We provide you the link and password.
  • You can join with any smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop (camera recommended) that’s connected to the internet.

Simply get in touch (with the form at the bottom of this page) with your details and type of the event you wish to book.

Note: private classes require a minimum of 10 people and the private events terms and conditions apply.

We will be in touch to:

  • Confirm teacher availability and potential dates
  • Send a deposit invoice or full invoice (for classes within 2 weeks)

Depending on teacher availability we can organise online experiences sometimes with just 2-3 days notice.

Examples and Suggestions For Virtual Classes

  • Cooking an Italian meal together for a sales team
  • A cocktail making class tailored to your favourite spirit
  • A crafty hens party with all your international friends
  • Homemade pasta and a rich hearty ragu for a 2 families and kids cook-along
  • A tailored mental wellbeing and wellness program for a healthcare organisation
  • Gardening with an assisted living community
  • A kindness program for locals

We can also organise bulk gift vouchers for your staff to attend our regular afterwork classes. If there’s another topic that interested you, email us and we can most likely make it happen!

Cocktail Making Classes

Learn traditional and modern cocktails with Simon! In these classes, we will send you a list of ingredients beforehand so everyone can follow along at home and create delicious cocktails. We can create the class around one spirit like gin, vodka, rum, whisky or a style of cocktails: negroni, fizzy and champagne, whisky sours, non-alcoholic... Simon will keep everyone engaged with a 1001 stories and will surprise everyone with lots of tips to become the best home-bartender.

Perfect for: Friday Happy hours, birthdays or other private events, end of project or other corporate celebrations

Creative Crafts Classes

Galaxy watercolours, milk carton printing, upcycled macrame, paper jewellery, calligraphy... our teachers are experts at transforming materials your participants already have around the house into gorgeous art! We can customise the topics or organise one of our fun

Perfect for: Team bonding, catch up with friends or co-workers, lifting your employees morale, appreciation gift.

Cook Along Classes

Let's all cook along together! In these classes, a shopping/ ingredient list will be sent out a week prior so all participants can make the dish step by step as we go along. From Spanish potato tortilla, to Japanese fluffy cheesecake, Italian pasta, Latin American Flan, Korean bulgogi, bread and butter pickles, dumpling making and so much more! Our cooking classes are entertaining, simple and can end with a lovely "zoomed" dinner with the participants.

Perfect for: Team bonding, catch up with friends or co-workers.

Wellbeing and Movement Classes

Feldenkrais and movement classes to help with sore necks and backs, mindful walks, bellydancing or burlesque for fitness, better sitting, stronger hands, vulnerability, self-compassion is a super power, emotional intelligence, authentic self... these are some of the dozens of topics that are, not only beautifully touching classes but also incredibly useful in these times. From how to manage your emotions to be more resilient to starting mindful walks practices to keep us going.

Perfect for: Checking in with your staff and providing them tools for mental health and wellbeing, corporate wellness programs.

Minfulness and Creativity Classes

Creativity and mindfulness work very well together. The concentration and engagement of creative classes has been linked to better mental health. Activities such as drawing, crochet, weaving or creative writing are now recommended for wellbeing as they have similar benefits to mindful practices. Mindful doodling, The pleasure of drawing, creative storytelling, journaling to fight stress, vision cards for the future, collages of calm, life mapping... we have plenty of different topics and styles.

Perfect for: Team bonding, wellness plans with pizzazz, keeping up with your staff or team, catching up with friends and family

Life Skill Classes

Budgeting, superannuation, investing, how to have better discussions or conversations, mindful sexuality, the art of connection, how to use Instagram or Insta stories, phone photography, podcasting, ethical toolbox for life, power, intuition, deep work and so much more.... these classes are all about useful life skills to keep growing and thriving.

Perfect for: Corporate gifts, staff appreciation.

More information

Fill out this form and we will check teachers’ availability and get your event going. Have any questions? Email us at