Queer Social Moorabbin: Soap Making 101 with Maddy

Soap is a staple, everyday item, but do we really understand how it’s made and how it works? Let alone how to make good choice about what soap to use – for our skin and for the environment? In this hands-on class you’ll learn all about the natural chemical reaction that creates soap, what to look for …

  • 7th Dec, 2023
  • 6:30pm - 8:30pm (AEDT)
  • 77 Keys Rd, Moorabbin VIC 3189, Australia

Queer Social Moorabbin: Acrylic Pour Art with Robert

Who hasn’t seen a video of paint pouring? It’s soothing, it’s colourful and it’s definitely fun!  Join us and learn how to make your own pour art which is a little more involved than you may have thought but the results are pretty spectacular, galactic, swirly and eye-catching. Then, we’ll get started designing our own and we’ll all …


Queer Social Moorabbin: Sex – Pleasure Anatomy for Every-Body with Louise

This class is all about pleasure! Queer sex educator Louise Bourchier will teach you the ins-and-outs of sexual anatomy so you can maximise pleasure in your sex life (whether solo or partnered). Rather than the heteronormative, reproductive focus most of us learned in school, Louise’s style of grown-up sex ed focuses on the feel-good aspects. …


Queer Social Moorabbin: Sewing Basics – Badges, Berets and Boobs with Raize

Sewing is a really nifty skill. From small clothing repairs and alterations, to bold accessories and costumes! Come and learn some beginner sewing stitches and techniques and put your new found skills to use sewing a felt beret or some felt badges ( we are doing boob beret and pronoun badges for example). You can …


Queer Social Moorabbin: Car Troubles – Common Problems and Easy Fixes with Richo

Ever wondered how to jump start a car or change a tyre?  Fuse blown but don’t know where to look?  Got somewhere to go but need a tow?  Learn the skills you need to get moving again! This event will be half social chats with a bunch of likeminded queer people and half fun, educational …


Queer Social St Kilda: Textured Acrylic Painting with Robert

Get grounded and feel like a child again with this textured painting class! Have you seen those videos on Tiktok with the palettes and blobs of paint? Well, this is your class! Mix Paint with a variety of mediums such as sand, gesso, charcoal, flour, leaves etc to create textured masterpieces. Use a variety of …


SOLD OUT – Queer Social Moorabbin: Intro to Pottery with Maddy

Come and explore the hands-on fun of pottery and clay modelling! Maddy will guide you through an introduction to pottery basics, supporting you to make your own piece of pottery art from air-dry clay. You might like to make an engraved dish, a little pinch pot, a serpentine candle holder, personalised wall art…if you can think it, …


Queer Social St Kilda – Money Management We Wished We Learnt At School with Scott

Get ready to learn all about the money stuff you wished they taught you at school! Do you sometimes find Tax, Superannuation and managing your cash super confusing?  I do! Well, Financial Planner Scott, is going to break it all down for us.  He is going to fill us in on money management strategies – whether you have …