History & Culture classes

Latin American Piñata Making: Art, Curiosity and Culture with Katherine and Irma

Piñatas are fun, colourful, celebratory and very recognisable! But have you ever looked into their histories and uses? Now is your chance to get hands-on and decorate your own piñata while learning about its journeys around the world and its cultural place in South American countries and Mexico in particular! What will we cover? In this hands-on …

  • 3rd Apr, 2023
  • 6:15pm - 7:30pm (AEST)
  • Level 3 Rooms 14, 15/37 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Homestyle Indian Cooking: Mangalore Prawn Curry with Shalome (Online)

Craving home-style Indian cooking during Melbourne’s pandemic led Shalome to roll up her sleeves and get her hands dirty in the kitchen, learning and perfecting new dishes on the regular via video calls with her mum in India (the best cook Shalome knows!). These are tried and tested recipes with Indian cooking know-how, handed down through the generations from grandparents to mother to daughter. …

Middle East Dipping Feast with Natalie (online)

Hummus, Labneh, Zata’ar, Pita! Do I have your attention? What better way to learn how to prepare and enjoy Middle Eastern cuisine than from someone who was born and bred into it. Join in and learn an easy, affordable and delightful way to present a Middle East Dipping Feast from the talented Natalie. What will we cover? In this …

  • Ticket sales for this class have been suspended.

An Intro to French Calligraphy with Océane

Practice and learn how to create beautiful letters to decorate birthday cards and craft. Develop a new skill and impress your family & friend with an elegant writing style. All material provided. This is a beginner class – no experience needed. What will we cover? During the class you will: ·     Learn the origin of the cursive writing and its …


Making Crêpes: Tips & Tricks with French Native Océane

Want to learn to make delicious crêpes like the real French? Making tasty home-made crêpes doesn’t require much equipment, but it does require a certain know-how.  Come and learn all the tips & tricks to make delicious crêpes for breakfast and parties with the authentic recipe of a French grandma and the advice of her granddaughter – experts in …


Homestyle Indian Cooking 101: Butter Chicken/Paneer with Shalome (Online)

Have you ever been let down by Indian takeout because the flavours didn’t quite hit your palate the way they should have? Does preparing Indian food for the first time feel intimidating? Intricate? Requiring far too many spices!?  Your teacher Shalome knows how you feel – she’s been there too. Craving home-style Indian cooking during Melbourne’s pandemic led Shalome …


The Wonderful World of Fermented Shrimp with Annie and Deb

Fermented shrimp is an absolute flavour bomb, and it’s popularly used across so many countries and dishes. It’s central to cuisines in South East Asia (and northern Australia), but it is still relatively unknown or misunderstood in Melbourne. Your teachers Annie and Deb have fallen throughly in love with this unique ingredient, exploring their curiosity respectively through cultural research and the …


Pardon My French: Beginner French with Native Océane (Online)

Bonjour! Pardon! Comment vous appelez-vous? Sacrebleu! S’il-vous plait? Merci. Going on a trip to a French speaking country or simply want to learn some basic and useful French? Come and dip your toe into the French language and it’s most popular expressions! Have fun and learn how to socialise in French in a friendly environment. This is a …


Samurai Shodo Japanese calligraphy with Yoshi

Are you interested in Japanese Kanji and Chinese characters? Come and learn the Samurai Shodo style of Japanese calligraphy and decorate your own handy fan! You don’t need any prior Japanese language knowledge or calligraphy experience, as this class caters for absolute beginners. Learn some new words, their brushstrokes, then have a practice, and finally apply them to a paper fan. Take your …