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This class has passed
This class has passed

Dreaming of sushi, samurai, and sakura? Contemplating joining the many Australians who have made Japan the top tourist destination in 2023? Make your first trip as unique as the Land of the Rising Sun itself!

There is more to Japan than Castles, Cat Cafes, and Cherry Blossoms – find out about everything from hiking, Japan’s love of Snoopy, world class Distilleries, baseball games, Onsens, and any other interest you might have, and many you’ve never considered!

Andrew specialises in uncovering hidden gems and local alternatives to the often crowded sites within Japan’s ‘Golden Triangle’ of Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto. Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or a first-time flyer, this class is your ticket to a fabulous and fuss-free adventure!

Andrew will help unravel some of the mysteries of traveling to Japan. From navigating the neon lights of Tokyo to embracing the tranquillity of traditional tea ceremonies, this class is packed with insider tips and practical advice to make your Japanese holiday a breeze.

What will we cover?

In this informative and jam-packed class we’ll explore:

  • Why Japan has grown to be Australia’s number one travel destination
  • Essential travel prep – visas, money management, and staying connected.
  • Cultural nuances from managing meeting new people, to footwear formalities.
  • Transport tricks to get around smoothly – whether you’re biking through backstreets, riding the Shinkansen, or hailing a cab.
  • Secrets to picking the perfect accomodation– from quirky capsule hotels to tranquil temple retreats.
  • Japan’s culinary delights – from sushi etiquette to finding the best ramen spots.
  • Travel safety – understanding local laws, responding to emergencies, and avoiding common tourist traps.
  • Seasonal Spectacles: Seasons have deep cultural importance to Japanese. Match your journey to the season to make the most of it, from Cherry Blossoms to a winter wonderland!
  • Different Prefectures – Insider tips on unique destinations for first-timers – from Ito’s relaxation and Kanazawa’s traditional crafts, to Fukuoka’s adventures.

What will you need?

All you need to bring is your enthusiasm for travel, a fascination for Japanese culture, and a curious mind ready to explore. And a pen and paper for note-taking 🙂

    Who will be teaching?

    Meet Andrew Baker (he/him), a seasoned traveller and professional adult educator with over two decades of experience. Andrew’s journey with Japan began as a series of annual explorations, each visit revealing a new facet of this fascinating country. Whether traveling solo, with his partner, family, or friends, Andrew’s adventures in Japan have been as varied as they have been enlightening.

    With a knack for planning and a passion for sharing, Andrew has successfully orchestrated several guided tours, introducing the wonders of Japan to family and friends. His accidental love affair with Japan has grown into a deep appreciation for its unique culture, inspiring new interests and hobbies with every visit.

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