Life Skills

Journal Writing to Combat Overthinking with Ingrid (Online)

Do you need a break from your own busy mind? Our worries and stresses can weigh us down and stop us from moving forward if we spend too much thinking about them. Journalling is a safe place to put down your worries and stresses at your own pace, giving you the chance to clear your …

  • 4th Jun, 2024
  • 6:15pm - 7:30pm (AEST)
  • Online

Cryptic Crosswords for Beginners with Mark

To the uninitiated Cryptic Crosswords can seem impossible – best left to geniuses and people with too much time on their hands. Yet once taught the basics, you will find them addictive, satisfying and surprisingly accessible. After attending this class you will have all the tools needed to tackle any cryptic clue. And with a …


How to Achieve a Fulfilling Career and Love your Mondays with John (Online)

Do you love Monday mornings or dread them? Let’s face it, we all desire a career that gives us a sense fulfillment, purpose and satisfaction. We want to be recognised for our expertise and value as well as being financially rewarded at the level we truly deserve. Unfortunately, many people get stuck in jobs far …


Social Media for Small Businesses with Hayley (online)

Do you run a small business, or even a side hobby that you’re trying to get up? This workshop is all about how to use social media to support your own small business with ease and enjoyment. It’s about using the time, energy and resources you already have to make the most of specific social …


A Practical Introduction to Coding with Alind

What’s it all about? Coding isn’t a scary word! And computer programming is not just a vocational skill– it can be creative, accessible, practical, and fun! Come along and learn how to code by doing it for yourself! In this workshop we’ll get you hands on and working with basic code as we learn how …


Meditation for Those Who Dislike Meditation with Natalie (Online)

Do you feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, depressed, nervous, worried, frustrated, annoyed? How do you respond to these feelings? And how has that been working for you? would you like more calm from time to time? We frequently hear of the wonderful benefits of meditation and mindfulness. But it’s not always an enjoyable or achievable processes. Does it feel …


Journaling Writing to Sharpen Your Focus with Ingrid (Online)

As wonderful as technology is, it is a constant distraction. It quickly absorbs our energy, attention and focus, making us less present for ourselves and others.  Journal writing is an incredible way to give yourself some tech-free time, the time to gain clarity, problem solve, and feel more present and focused.  As you journal, you’ll be inspired to …


Free Your Creative Writing Voice with Liliane (Online)

Bust the ‘talent myth’, overcome ‘writer’s block’, and learn three strategies that are guaranteed to produce powerful writing! Whether you’ve been writing privately for years or haven’t written since your school days, this confidence-building course will guide you in accessing your creative voice and learning how to maximise the impact of your written work. Don’t …