Ethics for Our Future World

What are the possible futures of humanity? And what can do do about it? We're bringing you a special series of classes focused on ethics for our future world.

What do smartphones, Donald Trump, self-driving cars, climate change and computer games all have in common? They all tell us what the future could look like. As technology advances faster and faster, the world gets smaller and we all get richer. Our capacity to change the world grows ever stronger, and the future can be intimidating.

This series of classes will look at realistic scenarios for the future. We will analyse how we fit into it, and most importantly of all, what we can do about it.

Get an introduction to an ethics-based analysis of our potential future.

All classes are $16 and are held at Madame Brussels in Melbourne CBD.


Perils of Successful Space Travel

What's it all about? Travelling to the stars has been a fascination and hope of humankind for much of our existence. Now a new age of commercial space travel and ownership of the moon is rising. Many experts suggest that unless humanity expands beyond the planet Earth we will become extinct. But assuming we can…


The End of the World

What's it all about? Humanity has never been as powerful as it is today. But as our power to create grows, so too does our power to destroy. And worse, the severity of the consequences of our mistakes also increases. From more realistic scenarios such as climate change and nuclear war, to more theoretical situations…


Creating Men and Gods: The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

What's it all about? Can humanity bring new life into existence? Machines that are aware of themselves and seek their own betterment? What happens if and when our creations prove better than us at nearly every task imaginable? It's one thing for a robot to take your job, but what if a machine could be…

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What are the possible futures of humanity? And what can you do about it? After the success of our first Ethics for Our Future World series, we are exploring six new super interesting topics and their related ethics.