LL x Unicorns presents Queer Social

Hello and Welcome Beautiful Humans!

Queer social has wrapped up for 2021 but we will come back in 2022 with new and popular workshops for everyone!

If you’d like to teach with us in 2022, there is a tab below and if you want more information, email us!

Check this short wrap up video for some of the things we got up to 🙂

We wanted to create a space for LGBTQIA+ people to connect outside of party vibes, make new pals and enjoy in the fun of learning new things….

So Laneway Learning and Unicorns teamed up to invent QUEER SOCIAL – a queer workshop and social space for queers, by queers.

Learning new things has so many benefits, from developing new skills to increasing mental wellbeing. And it’s also just fun!

So come and join us for this cute new workshop series and be surrounded by other lovely queer people – you could also meet your new best friend or soul mate! 😉

We will be learning anything and everything – from how to make home-make eco-glitter bath bombs, to money management hot tips and how to crochet a unicorn!

There will also be fun little games to get you mingling and chill times at the end to hang out in our colourful space. 

The workshops are also going to be super cheap thanks to a bunch of legend sponsors like City of Melbourne and Bank Australia – thank you x 100 for being on board to support us queers!


  • Wheelchair Accessible Venue
  • Gender Neutral Bathrooms
  • Quiet Spaces
  • Low Level Music
  • Discounted Tickets
  • Free Tickets for First Nation Attendees
  • Auslan Interpreted Upon Request 


Two humans: Maria – Laneway Learning (she/her) and delsi – Unicorns (she/her).

Laneway Learning and Unicorns, are both community organisations that focus on creating spaces for our community.

We do it out of love and passion for developing safer spaces, with open hearts and all our empathy, commitment and energy.

However, there is only two of us so please be mindful that we might take some time to get back to you. 

Artwork by @plasticmessiah

There are no classes that match your search.

That workshop was life changing.
Queer Social Attendee (September 2021)

OMG I have missed Unicorns and the community around it. Seeing everyone at Queer Social made me feel like I could get through this pandemic.
Queer Social Attendee (October 2021)

The second the workshop ended, I recommended it to 3 other queer friends. Lockdown has been hell on mental healthy. Counselling and psychiatry offices are booked, their waitlists are closed. This isn't the cure, but let me tell you - I'm having the first good day in months and I owe it all to last nights workshop. Thank you.
Queer Social Attendee (October 2021)

These events are fulfilling an overlooked need for queer disabled folk in Melbourne. I appreciate that the topics are fun and uplifting. We need more of this.
Queer Social Attendee (August 2021)

Just fill this form if you’d like to teach a class at Queer Social!

All teachers are paid and will be invited to a thank you party at the end of the workshop series.

We might receive quite a few applications so we may not be able to get back to all of you. But we will defo keep everyones application on file in case we find a suitable future spot. 

We are looking for volunteers to help us host these fabulous classes. Please read the information here and fill the form (selecting Queer Social in class format).

If you are feeling distress or need someone to talk to there is always someone who will listen.

Here are some fantastic organisations and helplines that we recommend contacting:

Past Queer Socials


Queer Social: Pride Snap Button Pins or Rings with Raize

Would you like to accessorise yourself with a handmade pin or ring that proudly celebrates your gender and/or sexuality? This snap button rings and pins allow you to change the top and have lots of different designs in one. What a cute way to let others know that you are part of the community!  They…


Queer Social: Intro to Linocut with Emilie

More than just a floor covering!    Did you know that linocut has been used in printing for over a century and this technique was originally for making wallpaper?    Printing with linocut is similar to woodcut printmaking but a bit easier to work with (because it has no grain to consider like wood). In…


SOLD OUT – QUEER SOCIAL – Queer Auslan with Hadley

Come and learn how to have a conversation with D/deaf and hard of hearing queers who use Auslan (Australian Sign Language). We will explore queer specific Auslan signs as well as do's and don'ts when approaching D/deaf and hard of hearing people.   This event will be half social chats with a bunch of like minded…


SOLD OUT – Queer Social: Collage for the Soul with Yianni

Collage isn't new, it been around for thousands of years. But collage can allow us to be kids again. Think outside of the square and construct imaginary worlds, scenarios and even poetry. Discover how collage can help us loosen up, relax and even discover things about ourselves.  Lets have fun and have some interesting conversations…


SOLD OUT – Queer Social: Inclusive Life Drawing with Robin

Inclusivity is fun! So is drawing! Come along and join this casual, beginner friendly queer social art class where you can relax, mingle and learn some life drawing skills. By inclusivity, we mean celebrating diverse bodies, but also diverse artists with any range of experience - even if you’ve never done any drawing before, this…


Queer Social: Sew a Fluffy Reversible Octopus Plushie with Robert

Learn hand sewing basics while creating a reversible fluffy octopus plush! Together we'll learn how to work with felt, and make a reversible plushie with two faces. Will yours be happy/sad? curious/meditative or angry/surprised?  Come and join us for a queer good time! This event will be half social fun times with a bunch of like…


Queer Social: Intro to Deeper Intimacy and Connection via Shibari with Harley

Join us for a guided journey into the exciting world of rope bondage. Designed for curious, caring creatures, this class will explore the art forms potential for profound intimacy, connection and trust building. We will learn the important foundations of safety and rope-craft before learning some basic yet effective techniques for empowering your inner rope-top. The lesson structure is…


QUEER SOCIAL – Sensory Galaxy Slime with River

Did you know your fingers are connected to your brain? Do you want to slither those brain fingies inside galaxy slime until your brain hearts are content? Well you are in the right building, unless you are here for the nipple waxing class, that's down the way there. In this class we'll create a sensory object…


SOLD OUT – QUEER SOCIAL: Cute Closed Terrariums with delsi

Moss terrariums are super fun to make and easy to care for.   If you kill even the most un-killable of cacti but still yearn for some greenery at your office or home, then working with moss might be your best bet. A Moss Terrarium is hassle-free and if you do it right you never…


QUEER SOCIAL: Sugar Unicorn cupcakes with Maria

Do you fancy taking your cake decorating to the next level? Join Maria to learn how to use fondant (or sugar paste) to create decorations for your baked goods. We will learn a little about fondant and how to create a cute unicorn cake topper piece by piece! What will we cover? Fondant – what…


QUEER SOCIAL: Car Troubles – Common Problems and Easy Fixes with Richo

Ever wondered how to jump start a car or change a tyre?   Fuse blown but don't know where to look?   Got somewhere to go but need a tow?   Learn the skills you need to get moving again! What will we cover? In this class we cover: - How to check and change…

Queer social is supported, as part of the Social Partnership program, by The City of Melbourne council.

We also received a customer impact grant from Bank Australia.