“Words, words, words”: Shakespeare’s influence on the English Language

It’s hard to believe that the long-lasting nature of Shakespeare’s influence has impacted so many sectors of today’s world. Literature, film, theatre, dance, and poetry, have all been changed or inspired by the Bard’s works. He lived over 450 years ago but his plays and sonnets are still being performed and studied in schools, perhaps to the annoyance of some students who are forced to learn the ins and outs of iambic pentameter (the type of verse that Shakespeare used throughout his works, consisting of five metric feet, dictating rhythm and stressed syllables). I was one of few at my school who truly enjoyed learning Shakespeare, but even I can admit that at times he could be incredibly hard to wrap your head around. However, something that is undeniable, and perhaps goes under the radar at times, is the extent of Shakespeare’s impact on the entire English Language.