September Episode II: From Luchadores to Oz Rock Ukes

Carbon EmissionsThe second half of September began with the Science and Practice of Urban Happiness, in which Jo Mitchell showed us the latest key findings from wellbeing research. We started with positive emotions and how it influences our take on life. Then we talked about the 5 ways to wellbeing, think of actions you could do in the following aspects: connect, move, tune in, learn and give. Finally we thought of our ikigai, a Japanese concept for one’s reason for being, written in 5 words.

Then we got our thinking caps on and talked all about Carbon Emissions with Amandine Dennis. We talked about the biggest energy offenders in Australia – with a few surprises! We also discussed what the targets for reduced emissions were, what they meant and, more importantly, what we can do to reduce our own emissions. Time to turn all those electricals off at the walls – it will save you a dollar or two to boot!

BeesRobert Redpath of Bee Sustainable was back with his bees for another fascinating round of Urban Beekeeping. Did you know that you can order a queen bee for your hive and she will arrive by Australia Post?!

Las Tres (meaning “The Three” in Spanish): Ali, Gisele & Lela, taught us everything there is to know about Lucha Libre in Mexican Wrestling: The Myth Behind the Mask. We learnt about the different types of luchadores (wrestlers): tecnicos – the ones that go by the rules, rudos – the ones that have no rules, exoticos – the flamboyant ones, and mini estrellas – short statured wrestlers. We also got to create our own luchador persona including mask, signature moves and style! The Las Tres ladies were back in a flash the next day; this time ready to Get Corny: Make Your Own Tortillas (Tor-Tee-Yaas). We learnt how they became the staple diet of Mexican cuisine and how they can be modified to form many different styles and types of dishes – so versatile! Oh and then, of course, we got our hands dirty and made our very own – there were so many we had dinner ready for all the people at our next class!

Write to the PointWith the smell of fresh tortillas still hanging in the air we stepped back a notch and got our heads down to work on our writing skills in Write to the Point. With expert tips from Simone Alesich and several activities to try out, we critiqued our capitals, junked our jargon and tidied our typing for excellent effects!

Bali and Queenie from Yarn Corner taught us how to use some tiles, mod podge and a Melways to create Streetwise Tile Coasters, perfect for gifts. First me made one using the Melways; for the second we selected from a huge variety of scrapbook papers, stickers and trims. We can’t wait to make some sets for Christmas…

Tile Coaster

What better way to end the month that with more ukulele fun from Harry of the Melbourne Ukulele Collective?! This time, he was back with a new repetoire: Ukulele Meets Classic Oz Rock! While learning the basics of uke playing (Harry’s tip: embrace the “learning” tantrums, they always happen) we sang Will I Ever See Your Face Again by The Angels and Island Home by Warumpi Band. Didn’t get to sing Land Down Under this time… maybe next time!