A Crafty Iguana on Twitter

Last week we had our inaugural class at The Croft Institute: Interactive Storytelling with Twitter with Megan Davis. The idea was simple: everyone takes on a character in a story, and then just see where it goes!

twitterstorytellingSo the stage is set: two young people meeting for a date at a bar, with a supporting cast of characters including the bartender, the waiter, the 3 piece band, some work mates, the police officer (yours truly!), a brief cameo from Yoda, and the pet iguana. What twitter story would be complete without an iguana?

If you want to read the chaotic, poetic, and surprising tale that unfolded, Megan has collated it all for us on Storify. Will Rex Power take the bribe? Will the two budding love-birds finally get together? And, most importantly, will the iguana achieve his dream of becoming a small-business owner? Read it to find out!

And if you get inspired to have your own twitter story with friends (or enemies!) be sure to tell us about it.

The featured image of the craft iguana is borrowed and edited, with thanks, from Andrea Westmoreland under a Creative Commons Licence.