An Intro to Fidget Toys and Sensory Regulation with Jessie

This class has passed
This class has passed

Sensory toys are not just for kids. Many adults have unmet sensory needs that can lead to dysregulation, overwhelm and discomfort. This is particularly true for those who are Neurodivergent.

Whether you’re curious for yourself or your community, Jessie will take you through what sensory needs might look like in day to day life, signs you are already unconsciously trying to meet the needs, and then using this information to direct you to effective strategies and toys to help keep you calm and focused.

Together we will try out a great variety of toys and items aimed at different sensory experiences and needs, so that you can leave the class with an idea of how different toys work for different sensory purposes, and what works for you without wasting money on a mountain of things that will end up in the cupboard!

This class is ideal for adult diagnosed Neurodivergents and those who are self-diagnosed. It’s also great for those who want to be more informed and create more inclusive environments around them, such as at workplaces, schools, community spaces and businesses.

This class is for everyone!

What will we cover?

In this hands-on and informative class we will cover:

  • An overview of each of the senses (Hint: there are more than 5!)
  • Sensory seeking and sensory avoidance
  • Ways to adjust your environment to meet your sensory needs
  • Regulation strategies for adults
  • We will try a large variety of sensory/stim toys to find what works for you (and where you can buy them)


  • Wheelchair Accessible Venue
  • Gender Neutral Bathrooms
  • Discounted Early
    Bird tickets
  • Free Ticket for First Nation Attendees
  • Auslan Interpreter
    (Upon Request)

Who will be teaching?

Jessie (she/her) is a Neurodivergent support worker with a background in psychology and specialist education. She currently is lucky enough to help run camps for Autistic children and is passionate about creating Neuroaffirming spaces for the weird and wonderful.

She has a passion for infodumping Neurodivergent quirks and hacks to anyone who will give her the time of day, as well as following the dopamine through endless, niche hyperfixations.

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